Saturday, April 03, 2010


Thanks girls for your comments on my last post. It was really interesting to hear all your views and definitely food for thought.

It really felt like a cosy girls' chat - which I suppose is what we're all about.

I was visited by a fellow blogger yesterday. The lovely Almamay brought her gorgeous little boy to meet me when she dropped off my doppler - which i'd lent to her for her pregnancy. For those of you not familiar - she was successful after a gazillion IV.F's. I was (and am) so happy for her. She worked SO hard for her baby and deserves every moment of happiness with him. He's super cute and it was precious to be sitting drinking tea with our 2 boys.

B spent much of the time nagging me to watch "nee naw" (a Fi.reman DVD) or "daktor" (the Little Red Tracktor DVD) or even "choo, choo" (Chugg.ington). I gave in, although we usually try to limit "TD" as he calls it, to an hour after dinner. He came down with a cold last night, so I think he was starting to feel a bit groggy and showed it with extra whinginess.

Last night was a tough one with quite a lot of awake time and a very early start - 5am : ( By 9am, i was exhausted! I took him to the zoo where he was mostly interested in jumping in "pubbles" but also made a crowd of fellow visitors laugh by shouting "meow, meow" non-stop in front of the lion and tiger enclosure. I suppose they ARE big cats. He didn't seem at all phased, even when the (very) big cats were just on the other side of the glass in front of him.

Off to bed in a minute to prepare for another busy night. (No complaints at all - I do truly still feel immensely lucky to be B's mummy and still thank G-d daily. I'm sorry if that sounds cheesey but it's true).