Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AWOL (includes baby stuff)

I'm so sorry i've been AWOL for so long. Until i logged in, I didn't realise it had been quite so long.

All's well at this end. I had my 20 week scan yesterday. I'd been building up the nerves, worrying that having been blessed with one healthy IV.F baby, my luck had to run out some time. To be honest, i'm in a pretty permanent state of disbelief most of the time. Having taken 5 tries for B, the success of my one frozen embryo has totally blown me away. How can that have happened? I've long spouted the whole 'it only takes one' line to friends with a low tally (like mine always were) and only half believed it. I always had a low number of perfect looking eggs and never got anywhere with them. I totally didn't expect my last surviving embryo to get me very far. I'm still waiting for it all to go wrong.

I'm conscious that it still could. For now, though, the little one, TP2, is doing me proud. Our scan showed one busy little baby who hardly let the sonographer get a decent shot. The baby kept kicking or punching me where the probe was pushing down and also, at one point giving a full-on wave with both hands, fingers fully outstretched. All bits seemed present and correct - heart, brain, spine, stomach, kidneys, legs, feet, arms, hands etc Phew. The sonographer was thorough and kind. He pointed out the that so long as the baby's measurements were on the graph charts all was well. Average was not necessary. He also said that the lower than average fluid on the brain is a good thing. Had he not, i'm sure i'd have been off panicking later. He also got so excited about the outstretched fingers (apparently fists are normally clenched) that he took heaps of pictures and gave them to us - instead of making us pay - as the sign on the wall demanded.

Mr G was so reassured by the scan that he didn't feel the need for our second 20 week scan which is due tomorrow. Our first was NHS - free as part of our public medicine system. We'd booked the private one before this one as last time, the NHS one was so lacking. This was an entirely different experience.

I'll share with you - although we're only telling our nearest and dearest - that the little one is......a girl. A little girl! Please G-d all continues to be well, B will be a big brother to a little sister. Once again, Mr G and I are stunned and so grateful for where life has taken us.

B continues to be amazing. Here's a gratuitous pic from a proud Mummy:

Please excuse his teething dribble. He has loads of words - well over 50, maybe 100, and learns more every day. I'm totally smitten. He runs any time he gets the chance and is full of kisses and cuddles for us and for other babies and his grandparents. Every day with him is an absolute joy. Thankyou G-d.

Thank you G-d also for the good news i've had this week. A friend has had a BFP after her first FET. She's 42 and her hubbie wasn't going to be up for a second fresh cycle. I'm SO pleased for her as she's wanted to be a Mum all her life. Also thanks due for Becks' safe arrival. Another miracle.