Thursday, January 29, 2009

It still doesn't feel real

I have a baby sleeping in the room next to me.

A year ago:
I was taking a cocktail of drugs and getting up every day in the dark to go and get my blood tested and get scanned.
I was downing litres of milk and water to help grow healthy eggs.
I was hopeful but also disbelieving that this cycle would be any different to cycles 1, 2, 3 and 4.
I was licking the wounds caused by the last clinic i'd been to telling me we'd never succeed at IVF and that I should give up.
I was wondering what to do next and what I would do with my life.

Eggs were taken from my body and my husband's sperm injected into them. 4 embryos were created and we waited to see what would happen. On Valentine's Day 2008 two of those embryos were returned to me.

One of those embryos became Barnaby. I still can't believe that little boy next door sighing in his sleep is real.

I so want my blog friends to get there too.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Some pix

Introducing (again) my little man:

I'm totally and utterly in love...

Friday, January 09, 2009

Bad blogger

Wow - probably the longest time i've had between posts, due to a combination of not really being sure what to blog about now and partly being totally immersed in coping with looking after a tiny human being.

My little boy is (as you'd expect me to say) gorgeous. He's starting to look like his Daddy and is as big a drama queen. He's not one to take anything quietly and makes his views well known. For the last couple of days, everything has provoked huge teary outbursts - I think he must be overtired. When he's not wailing - because he isn't all of the time - he's super smiley and so, so inquisitive about the world. I have to cover his eyes to help him sleep because he just doesn't want to switch off.

A full night's sleep is a distant memory and i'm not sure when the next one will be. I'd NEVER complain as i know how lucky i am, and you sort of get used to it. I quite enjoy spending the early hours looking after my little boy - I've waited long enough.

Right now he's asleep in his Moses basket. His Daddy is on his way back from a business trip to Denmark. Mr G has waited 41 years to bring his child a pressie back from a trip abroad. Today is the first time he's had that child to buy for. It's a big moment.

The whole 'having a baby' thing blows my mind. I still can't believe that he's here and ours and almost have to pinch myself every day.

I want to post some pics but need to get Mr G to pass them to me. I'll post some as soon as I can.

There's so much to say, but I think it should go on a different blog. Once i've worked out how to post about being a Mum i'll sort out the second blog.

Right now i'm freezing cold and I want to check the little man is warm enough. It's so cold here in the UK it's mad. I'll post again when i've the pix and when i'm a bit more coherent.

Oh - meant to say - there's been a flurry of BFP's in my blogger circle and i'm so excited about it. There was a similar batch last Xmas time and it happened again this year. It's made me so happy. To my PG blogger girls - you know who you are - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! To those still waiting - keep trying. I missed the Xmas batch last year and it still happened for me. This time last year I was about to start IVF 5 - well, hoping to as I wasn't sure my FSH would be low enough. Look where I am now. A totally different start to the year. I wish the same good luck to all of my friends struggling with IF. xx