Wednesday, August 11, 2010


B's now 21 months and doing really well. At the risk of sounding like the boastful mother, his speech seems to be amazing. He can speak in short sentences and copies almost everything we say. Sometimes i hear him repeating back words from what i've been saying, even if it's not to him. He can even sing his 'ABC' from start to finish. It's extremely cute, but I do have to remember that his ears are ALWAYS listening and be careful what I say.

One word he has picked up that i'd rather he hadn't is 'injection'. He watches me injecting my daily Cle.xane and sometimes gets a little upset as he doesn't like anyone doing anything to Mummy - even, it seems, Mummy herself. Anyway, yesterday, he had the syringe that we use to give him his medication (he has a summer head cold) and he started play injecting it into his tummy saying 'injection'. He then did it to me and to his teddy. It's great that he's taking it all in, but I felt a little sad that he should be seeing something like that.

I suppose it's part of life for us IV.F mothers and on the plus side, perhaps he won't be as scared of having injections himself when he has his next vaccinations. Until he feels that it does actually hurt a bit, that is!

I'm doing fine. I've 7 or 8 weeks to go now until the little one arrives (touch wood) and i'm starting to really feel a bit tired. My back is hugely achey - Mr G has taken B this afternoon to give me a bit of a break. I've no complaints at all though. I've friends around me trying for children who haven't had much luck. That feels very weird indeed. That's my job - to be the unsuccessful one. I try to be sensitive and supportive but without being too pushy as to what's going on for them. One has miscarried and would have been due at around the same time as me. I feel bad just being around her, but see her all the time. I don't want to ask her too much as she's a very private person, but i hope I can do the right thing by her.

I just hope and pray that this little one arrives healthy.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

It's been a while (again).

I've had a few thoughts over the last 6 weeks but never seem to find time to get them down on screen.

One has been indignation at all the IV.F scare stories. Every day (well almost) one of our daily nationals carries some bad news story about IVF treatment or babies. It's like they're trying to find stuff to wind us up. Some of the recent headlines have been: "IV.F babies more likely to get cancer", "IV.F babies more likely to be still born" and one last week " IV.F mothers more likely to die in childbirth"!

That last one was the most ridiculous. The one example of a mother who had died in childbirth had died when the anaesthetist had put the oxygen tube down the wrong passage. What's THAT got to do with IV.F for goodnessake?!! I'd link to the piece, but it was in our Sunday Times - which has retreated behind a pay wall. I've found a link to the stats in another paper here

I'm willing to accept that there are more older mums which is perhaps as a result of IV.F but enough already with the scare stories. I can come up with enough scarey stuff on my own!

I'm nearly 31 weeks, and, other than being tired, am (touch wood) doing ok. B is as gorgeous as ever. Can sing his whole ABC now - I especially like how he was W - "wubblewoo". SO totally cute!

I'll post more soon. If I keep it short perhaps i'll manage more than one post each 6 weeks!