Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A different sort of desperation

Here I am again.

I was pondering this morning how I'm desperate to multiply again, but more of a play on words and not a need to expand our family.

The multiply in question is the magazine that me and Mr G are pinning our hopes of a financial future on. Having spent an inordinate amount of money building our family, we find ourselves in a bit of a spot financially. Our IVF spend was worth every last penny and in no way regretted, not even for a millisecond. It's not fair that we had to spend that money to achieve what others do gratis, but there it is. A part of our history and actually something i'm sort of proud of now. Weird but true. We made it through hell and came out the other side. We were one of the lucky couples and many many more weren't and aren't.

Anyway, I digress. We now have two more mouths to feed and a whole lot less money to play with. We have also been hit by the recession and are bringing in a tiny fraction of what we need, leaving me desperate for Multiply, our new webmag on fertility, to survive.

I'm pretty sure i would have pored over something that gave me that much information, but maybe i'm not indicative of those out there still struggling to build their family? Who knows.

If you do read this, please do look us up - - and give us a whirl. Tell your friends. Tell the girls at the clinic. The more people who sign up and chat on the forums the more useful it will be as a place to go for information, both formal and informal - from others in the same boat.

That's all for now. Oh, except to say, if you do read this and do look us up. Let me know, and don't be afraid of feeding back exactly what you think. Thank you.


Betty M said...

Hi there! Good to have news from you. I will go and have a look at your magazine right now. I'm a bit out of the IF blogging loop but Stirrup Queens is still the place for news so getting touch with Mel. Do keep the blog updated if you get time although I can't talk as mine has barely been updated since my last kid and he is nearly two.....

Bethany said...

You need a Facebook page!
Good luck with the new project.

Portia P said...

Thanks Betty. I tried Mel, but didn't see the post up there.

Thanks too Bethany. We do have a FB page.

We've had a paywall - very cheap - to date, but think perhaps we need to drop it for a while to see if that is putting people off.

Good to hear from both of you! Px

Soapchick said...

I just want to say best wishes with your new adventure! The website looks great. If I come across any friends dealing with infertility I'll pass it onto them. I've moved on to another phase in my life now and have for the most part put the infertility stuff behind me. I focusing on my marriage, my career, my cats and caring for aging parents. I try not to let myself linger too long on thoughts of "what if?".