Saturday, March 24, 2007

All aboard

Well, here we are again! We've made it through another cycle to transfer. A few hours ago a v lovely Italian lady doctor (Dottore) - standing in for our regular consultant who couldn't be with us today - transferred our 2 new embies back to my safe care.

It was the usual traumatic wait with full bladder as they were running v late today. They had NINE transfers to do! Wonder how many of us will be smiling in two weeks' time?

Before the transfer we stopped off for an acupuncture session at a clinic that will treat girls on their way to and from transfer. I had to wait a while to be seen but felt relaxed afterwards. Mr G bought me a brioche as i'd not had time to eat breakfast. I felt a bit ropey as I ate far too much fish and chips last night. That and the progesterone pessaries are playing havoc with my guts. Need to watch what i'm eating I think.

At the clinic we had to identify ourselves and make sure we were the right people to receive the precious cargo. Turns out both had developed fine overnight. Both marked down as top quality but I think not quite as good as last time. One had got to 4 cells and the other was 3 - on the way to 4. They were pleased with them.

Lovely Dottore talked us through the whole procedure and kept us entertained but told Mr G off for making us laugh halfway through. He was v moved to see them launched on screen in a cloud of fluid into my uterus.

After we signed for them we went back for a post-transfer acupuncuture - which involved another half hour wait in reception during which Mr G got v cross with the useless receptionist. Whilst i relaxed with the needles Mr G went off to some posh food stores to stock up with goodies for our time at home this weekend.

I'm now on my sofa with a stack of DVD's, mug of tea, pile of magazines and cooking shows on tv. Total pampering.

Not sure how I feel this time. We've done all we can, the doc's have done all they can. All we can do now is wait and hope that these are the ones and that in 2 weeks time we get a BFP and in nine months time we get a BFbaby!

Good luck to all of you others out there starting your wait xx


Valerie said...

Enjoy your time on the couch. Hoping these 2 embies stick!!

Knock Me Up said...

Happy to hear you've got two on board. Enjoy your rest. My fingers are crossed that we both have uneventful 2ww with + outcomes. Merideth

Marie-Baguette said...

surprisingly, lots of BFP come after "not so great" embryos. Mine were far from being perfect they did the trick! Good luck with everything!

seattlegal said...

Just wanted to wish you good luck with the 2ww and that BFP will be there for you at the end of it. Take care!

andi said...

Good luck my dear - really good luck.

Baby Blues said...

I'm here waiting with you. Hoping to be smiling with you after two weeks! :-)

Becks said...

Keeping everything crossed for you-enjoy your pampering!

Infertili-Me said...

Thinking of you and praying that this we'll all be overjoyd in a few short days!

Hopeful Mother said...

Hoping for really good news! Hang in there and rest during your 2ww!