Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a little something extra

Is it me or are there more and more people going through IVF?

Perhaps it's the snowball effect and as i've made no secret of my treatment, perhaps people feel they can share with me?

I've several friends going through cycles at the moment. My hairdresser is on her second cycle as she has endometriosis. She's one of those girls you feel is a dead cert. She's fallen pg in the past but can't now. She has 6 frozen from her first cycle. She's 34. I feel she'll be fine. (Hmmmmm - just read that and apologise. It was an ignorant thing to have written and I should know better. I hope things work out for her, but i'm well aware that you never know who'll succeed in this lottery.)

Another is from the relaxation group I joined through my first clinic. She's on her 5th or 6th cycle. She's 41 or 42 and her response is not great. She's doing a second go at my fab top London clinic. I've everything crossed for her.

The last one is an old school friend who lives in Holland. She has a 9 yr old but never managed a second baby. She did 3 rounds several yrs ago but couldn't face it any more. She feels on the edge of her fertile years and felt she had to try one last time. She's also at my clinic as she wanted to try them as their scores are so good and the hearsay so full of praise. We had lunch this week and I can feel from her whole being how much hope there is and how far she has to fall if this doesn't work for her. She's knows rationally that she's been blessed with one child, but biology says something different.

I hope they are all lucky.

I have another friend who lost twins at 23 and 24 weeks last year. They were conceived on her 2nd cycle. She had OHSS twice and has really suffered. She survived (just) and was brave enough to have one more cycle. She's now 25 weeks pg with another baby after her 3rd round of treatment BUT has been admitted to hospital as her c.ervix is again shortened. She'll be there at least 3 weeks as they try to get her little one to a size that they could even try to save him/her. It's SO unfair. I'm praying that this baby lives. I'm not sure how anyone would cope with that much upset.

Why do some people pop out babies as easily as peas from a pod and others endure so much? There's absolutely no sense to all of this. I'm blessed but already eyeing pg women with children & trying to avoid their company. I'm sorry if that's offensive to those still trying. I do know i'm one of the lucky ones - especially when i talk to my friends on the other side.


Alex and Jill said...

Praying for all of your friends mentioned. IF is so draining, on all levels. I wish I were one of those that just popped them out like nobody's business. :) When I think of having more children, (which I definitely want) it makes me tired.

Betty M said...

I hope things work out for all those women. I am currently furious with my feckless cousin and her unemployed husband who live with my aunt and have an 8 month old and who is pregnant again already. No justice sometimes.

Anonymous said...

It's all unfair. And I know what you mean about the hairdresser - although you never can tell, she does look the best "on paper". Let's hope that goes in practice as well.

Especial good luck for your friend with the short cervix. She's so close!


Anonymous said...

P.S. I think it is that you hear about others when you've been through treatment and everyone knows it. Otherwise it often doesn't come up.