Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Not sure how best to express this one.

My friend doing her 'last chance' cycle at 41 got one egg. It wasn't even good enough to use.

Her husband was already on a flight from Holland to do his bit. She'll tell him when he lands that it's all over.

I'm gutted.

VIsited my friend in hospital who's now 26 weeks. Took her some home-made tabbouleh salad which she's been craving  She's in a hospital that equipped to try to save babies as tiny as 20 weeks. People transfer from other London hospitals because of this. She lost her twins at 23 and 24 weeks. The hospital she was in wouldn't even try and at the time she had no idea about this hospital. How must she feel?

She's in a ward of 4 beds. There have been a stream of women in to be induced so she's had to listen to a stream of ladies in labour. The nurse said they really try not to let that happen but there were no other beds. Lying there trying to hold onto your 6 month old pregnancy listening to others give birth. How must she feel?

The consultant told her she'd be in at least 2 more weeks and then most likely transfer to a hospital with a standard neo-natal unit. She's got to endure that torture that much longer. How must she feel?

I got home tonight and as I was crawling up the corridor on my hands and knees after a laughing baby thanked G-d for our blesssing.


Anonymous said...

Damn for your 41yo friend. That doesn't cover it, though, of course.

As for your other friend - how must she feel? Well, of course babies at 23-24 weeks have very poor chances... there's a reason a lot of hospitals don't try and a lot of parents might decide against it anyway, due to the risks - but in the end that is just a terrible shame she didn't get the choice. And that doesn't cover it, of course.

Let's hope she can hang in there a couple more weeks.


Anonymous said...

At least a couple more weeks. I forgot how I worded it.