Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh my, I had a sleepless night last night. So worried about how the New Passenger (NP) was going to perform today. Then my ex Passenger, my gorgeous boy, woke at 5.30am, chatting about this and that and calling for Daddy or Mummy, and that was that. We were awake with our minds racing.

We'd also had a minor fight over my PIO shot. It flipping hurt and I was sure a nerve had been hit. Mr G had to pull the needle out and put it in again. OUCH! I ended up sobbing dramatically whilst he administered my progesterone. Tensions were running high. (The good news is that was the last one - hurrah!)

After a mad morning, rushing to prepare B's breakfast & lunch, eat something myself, tidy the kitchen, make breakfast for my parents - who were coming to mind B - get a wash on and tidy up for my cleaning lady, we finally left home - only about 30 minutes later than planned. B managed to fall and bite his lip just before we went and extra time was spent mopping up blood and cuddling a sobbing baby.

It felt very peaceful to arrive at the swish scanning place. Weird to be returning.

First the bloods - where the blood letter told me that my risk would be worked out on my age when the embryo was created - 37 and not my ancient, current 41. Then, the scan. All looked good - when the sonographer (a very glamorous lady) was able to catch him or her not moving, that was. NP (measuring in at 63.3mm) was constantly on the move - which was nice.

The result - which i'm sure you're by now impatiently awaiting - was a stress relieving (for now anyway) risk for Down's of 1 in 2911 and 1 in 5377 for the other two Trisomies. Well done NP! Nuchal fold was 1.60mm. Advice was not to go for more invasive tests.

We also heard the little one's heart beating away at 154bpm and both struggled not to lose it. I could see Mr G trying to hold it together.

I'm so relieved but very aware we're just at the start. G-d has smiled down on us once again and we are so very grateful.

I went off to celebrate with the most delicious Blood Orange sorbet from an ice cream parlour close to the clinic. Yum!


Sue said...

Glad you got such good news - thanks for sharing!

Sweet Georgia said...

Congratulations on a wonderful scan!

Betty M said...

Great news!

Kath said...

Yay! This is wonderful news, dear Portia. So happy to hear it.

Bea said...

Very, very good news. It's all going so well!


JJ said...

Thanks so much for the comment, Portia--and no, not out of line AT all--and Im sorry I havent been commenting as much. I do keep up with you and am SO glad for this little one you are carrying. I know you can understand the sting that I feel sometimes--but its not against YOU at all--or anyone for that matter--just the overall, "I wish I were in your spot" some days. Make sense?

Truly so glad things are progressing so well--you are in my thoughts! xoxo