Thursday, December 14, 2006

The mist has cleared...a little

The last post was brought to you almost totally by my hormones. AF finally arrived on Saturday - just after i wrote that post. I was, for the week before and for a few days afterwards, the most miserable i've been in such a long time. I was also grumpy and unpleasant. DH was brought to his knees and arrived at a total low last night.

Well, enough! The last two days i've felt quite positive. This is not the end of the world. There's every chance we'll get somewhere with all of this. There's every chance we won't whilst i'm miserable and stressed. Christmas will be lovely. I can't wait to do NOTHING with DH. I now have some idea when we'll do our next cycle - mid Feb, I think - and i've got lots of exciting stuff to do for my (yet to blossom) business. All good. Every week I hear of people managing to succeed with IVF. Well, why not us?!

For now, i'll enjoy my DH, enjoy our newly married status. Book lots of nice things to do and ignore the reproductively challenged side of life.

How hormonal must I sound?! One minute down and next, up. I might also sound quite manic. I'll try for an even keel.

Must sign off now. Have to go and teach some men how to make their dinner!


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andi said...

hello my dear - good to see you posting again. It is a weird old process - I must say. And it is fab news about yr friend. A girl I work with came back from a 'long lunch' on thursday and blurted out that she had just been to the doc and was pregnant. she looked rather grumpy - and said she had conceived the first month of trying and was rather unhappy that she would not be having christmas drinks this year. oooooo
i think i would happily never have another drink again for a christmas bun in the oven. ofcourse all i said was Congrats.