Thursday, February 08, 2007

IVF works

It's official...IVF does really work.

First Heather (Desperatelyseekingbaby) and now HopefulMother have reached the end goal. I'm so pleased for both of them and every piece of good news gives me a boost because it proves that this journey i'm on can end in success.

I'm in that weird twilight zone pre-cycle. Just starting to crank up the hours spent cruising the internet for information and success stories, leafing through the various self-help books and beginning the abstinence from all good things in life! Had my mid-cycle scan today to check all my bits are in order. Good news was that all my bits are doing what they should. About to ovulate and no nasty bits found. Bad news is that apparently I don' t have a number of follicles. Could be age but also could be just one of those things. The doc said that some of us are just made that way. He said that as my cycles are really regular and not long/short/intermittent, it doesn't look too bad BUT that we're doing the right thing in getting on with treatment. Sometimes I think he's a bit of a good news guy - and doesn't like to give the harsh reality.

I'd been thinking of delaying longer to get our life a bit more sorted, but I think we'd better just get on with it! The doc was lovely and tells me that the eggs I do produce are good ones. I was sad that my chances of a multi-egg cycle with loads of gorgeous embies is extremely unlikely.

Never mind...there's so much good news going around, maybe some will land with us! The doc has just got a patient pg. Not unusual, but what was unusual was that her hubbie had prostate cancer and they'd had to rush to treatment with frozen sperm before his chemo. it worked for them and they've twins on the way!

I'm not sure i've much more news. Oh, it snowed here all day. It was GORGEOUS! I sat and watched for a long time and then just had to go out and play. I'm such a baby when it comes to snow - just gotta get out there and feel it on my face! Shows how little snow we get here.

My boy - i've realised he's been both My Darling Boy (MDB) and Darling Husband (DH) already during my blog. Need to find a name and stick to it. Anyway, that man (MDB/DH) is on my case to get some rest, so i'm going to stop tonight's ramble.

Many, many congrats to the girls with BFP's tonight. I can't imagine how good that must feel...amazing...but i hope to one day!



Hopeful Mother said...

Portia, thanks for the thoughts. I'm glad that my news gives you a boost - I know I felt that way when others I was cycling with started getting BFPs. I'm convinced now that this is a numbers game, and some people just take more tries than others. (And in our case, I think we had some bad meds on our 2nd cycle.)

Regarding your number of resting follicles, I am not a big producer either. I only had 9-11 resting follicles at my baseline scan. But truly - as long as you are being stimulated well, it is quality not quantity that you want. My doc never called me a "poor responder" - same type of good news doc as yours - but this last cycle I was on the monster dosage of meds meant for 40 yr olds... so I knew that I was not a "normal" 30 yr old, but frankly I didn't care once I saw that the protocol was working.

I am hoping for this cycle for you with all my might!

seattlegal said...

I hope you get a BFP soon too. I am rooting for you so much!

Like hopeful mother, I didn't have that many follicles either. When they did the retrieval, they got 10 of which 7 were mature enough I guess to be fertilized. And of those only 2 were able to make it all the way through. It is quality and not quantity that matters.