Thursday, January 11, 2007

Flippin rubbish blogger

I'm so cross. I wrote a huge entry recently and it has just VANISHED!! I switched from old to new blogger and it vanished during the move. HOW ANNOYING!!

I wish I could remember what I wrote!

Anyway, a quick update - as i'm meant to be working on my IVF diary entry for the newspaper we write for.

Enjoyed Christmas - apart from a couple of meltdown moment rows with DH over nothing at all really. Just both of us blowing off steam over the frustrations we're feeling. His job is at risk. His bosses are refusing to share their plans with anyone so no one knows where they stand. We'd like to move from our current home - my pre-marriage flat - to a new one we both own, but until we know about his work we can't. Add to that the IVF and problems planning anything with that hanging over us and it's no wonder we need the odd tantrum!

Other than that, we had a totally relaxing and gorgeous time. I put on 7lbs!!! Desperately trying to lose them now.

I've now had my 2 periods - actually 3 since the failed cycle - and i'm allowed to try again this month. I NEVER thought i'd say this, but i've decided to wait a month. I'm scared to fail again. At the moment i'm so stressed - i'm sure it won't work, so i've decided to wait until next month. In the meantime, i'm going to take a mind and body relaxation course at our clinic. By the time we get to transfer i'll have had 7 out of the 10 sessions and will have a network of support buddies too.

We're seeing our doctor today and i'm meeting the relaxation teacher for a pre-course assessment. I'm really looking forward to getting some tools to deal with my stress and to meeting a group of girlies in the same (IVF) boat.

Better get back to writing. Work has gone mad! Great, but not good for the new relaxed me I want to become!

Happy New Year to all of you and good luck - lets end this year pg or on the way xx


seattlegal said...

Good to hear from you. Good luck with your next IVF cycle - I hope and pray that this is the one for you.

andi said...

Hey there - sounds like you are being very wise. How was yr appointment?

Hopeful Mother said...

I've missed you!

I hope you had a good Dr. appt. and are on your way to feeling more relaxed for the next IVF.