Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ow, ow, OWWW!

I've just been stung by a wasp, I was quietly minding my own business, tapping away on my laptop out here in the garden in the fantastic sunshine we're basking in Lon.don and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my foot. I went to get up and saw a wasp hanging off me!!

I'm (embarassingly) petrified of insects - especially wasps - and wasn't sure whether I wanted to touch it, but it was hurting, so I pushed it off, leaving half of its rear end dangling off my (v attractive) bunion! Gorgeous picture i'm painting I know. I limped indoors and asked Mr G to help me get the sting out. We googled what you're meant to do and couldn't find much at all, so I tried to get the rest of the sting out. I think its gone but it flippin' hurts!

Mad, I can shove long needles in my belly without thinking twice, but a tiny wasp sting causes hysteria....go figure....

Not much else to report. Got the courage up to spend a few hours with a friend with a 10 mth old baby. I'd found her a bit insensitive so had given her a wide berth, especially during and after my last cycle. But friends is friends and thought i'd make the peace. (Hark at me after my gushing last post - what a fickle girlie I am!)

It was good to see her though, and we had a nice time, wheeling her little boy round the park and to another park - both of which were positively HEAVING with mothers and babies/children. I was ok but just before I left her to feed him, she was playing and tickling him making him laugh and laugh. It got to the point that she would even go to tickle him and he'd giggle. It was adorable and so heartachingly gorgeous that I had almost lost it. It really hurt.

At least she and I are friends again. During the afternoon she said she'd wondered if she'd done something wrong as she felt she had by how I was. I didn't really answer, just squeezed her arm. What can you say? I HAD been upset with her but how can you expect everyone to hide their joy and tread on egg shells around you? You can't. This is my stuff and i've got to deal with it.

Anyway. My foot hurts so I'm going to seek some soothing chocolate....xx


My Reality said...

Owww is right!

Bea said...

Well done you!

And you're right - chocolate works *extremely* well on all kinds of stings, bites, scrapes, and fractures.


Amy R said...

Your a good friend Portia. Kudos to you. Enjoy that chocolate! I'm in love with all flavors of Dagoba Organic chocolate; try it if they have that in your neck of the woods!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Owwwwww....wasp stings are the worst! I hope it heals quickly! Enjoy that chocolate=)

Another one trying said...

Sorry to hear you have been stung. Enjoy the choclate, I hope it is "Green & Black's Hazelnut, Almond & Brazil Chocolate" my favourite.

Foreverhopeful said...

Sorry about the wasp sting. Ouch. I admire how you handle the situation with your friend. I know its not easy.