Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Been a busy couple of days.

Spoke to the lady at the N.HS clinic. She's had a cancellation and can fit us in for Dec/Jan now. She said - between her and me, if my pe.riod came in late November she'd have no issue with that. Great. But now we have a dilemma. We were going to go ahead with a cycle in October. I don't really want to delay for more than that. If we do a private cycle and it works, all well and good. If not, then we'd have to do two back to back....hmmm....Still, not tried that yet.

We're off to an open evening at another private hospital tomorrow night. They were full of prospective candidates but called today to say they'd had a cancellation. They're top of the pops here since CB clinic (is that the name I gave them?!) got pushed out of the charts. We'll see if they promise anything more exciting.

We were asked to appear on TV today! There's some survey coming out in the news tomorrow and they wanted Mr G and i on a news show to comment. We agreed but then later, Mr G changed his mind. I'd have done it, but i don't really want to become a career media infertile, so, on balance, I think he's right.

Oh, important news!!!!! A contact of ours has launche the first site dedicated specifically for men coping with infertility. He launched the site at the recent conference at Lyons. I checked it out and it's got all the stuff us girls get to share - notice boards, other people's stories and general support for our boys. The address is I still think it's in development, but do check it out and send your boys over for a look. Let everyone you know - it's there to help them!

I spent half of today at a huge food fair eyeing up and tasting the most fab and yummy food. It was three and a half hours of food heaven!

Right, i've got to go and fetch Mr G from the station. We've a strike on the Under.ground today and he's stuck at Pad.dington, bless....

So, lots going on and i'm smiling. Waiting for the fall, but i'll enjoy this sunny spell for the moment.


Foreverhopeful said...

So nice to see you so positive.. :) :) MMMMM I love food fairs.. :)

I think its great you have some options and two opportunities. I wouldn't worry about the back to back cycle yet. Maybe you won't even need it and you'll get that BFP with your October cycle.

Keep on smiling.. :) :)

Reproductive Jeans said...

You sound like you are in high spirits, and that makes me smile!

SO exciting about that site--I definitely want that address when it launches--Mook will be interested to check it out. All I could get was the picture you linked from your post.

Keep me posted=)

My Reality said...

I also would like the link when the site launches.

I hope all of this possibility will lead to good things for you.

Bea said...

I hope all the timings work out. I've heard of plenty of people doing back-to-back, so it's possible, although many have said that the response is poorer on the second cycle (so I guess it depends how you respond). Any chance of putting the NHS off a cycle?

Also, where is that men's site of which you speak? I clicked, and I just get the banner image.


Becks said...

Hiya, sorry for using comments to get in touch but I haven't had the emails you mentioned in your comment. Can you try again? onemiracleneeded@hotmail.co.uk.

CAM said...

I have done back-to-back cycles a few times and it seems that I always have a better response the second time...kind of like my body is prepped for the medications.
I am excited about the cancelation too! Go for it!