Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ups and downs....featuring some v cute puppies...

Its been an up and downie sort of a week.

Mr G has been v low over our IF state and manfully suffering with a throat infection/cold type of illness. I use manfully as in suffering as men do....if you get my drift. I managed to let his down-ness breeze over me for a while - in between telling him to at least take something so he'd feel better, but early this week I succumbed. Not to the illness (thank goodness) but to a spot of the IF blues.

That wasn't helped by a trip to the new clinic for a mid-cycle scan. They're monitoring a natural cycle at the moment. I was booked in for 9am and arrived bang on time - despite the torrential rain and heavy gales clogging up the traffic. As I checked in, they told me they were running an hour late...I left (after one scan and a quick blood test) two and a quarter hours later! The place was FILLED with patient women - some with their equally patient partners. What was that all about?!

In the scanning room there was nowhere to put the clothes you removed. I hung my jeans over the screen and tried to hide my (pretty pink) underwear in with them all of which felt really humiliating. Zero marks for patient care.

During my appt I rowed with the Dr how did the scan, who insisted that I must have immunology tests (at £780) and a hysteroscopy (at more than £1000). As i've a history of difficult transfers, I wanted to how they'd avoid problems with that. I was told the hysteroscopy would dilate me and sort that out. They'd do one pre-cycle. The last time I was dilated, things shrunk back v quickly and definitely within the month. How will they make sure that's not the case? His answer - they won't. The Dr said your ut.erus moves daily so a mock is useless. By this time, i felt close to tears with frustration, but had nothing more to add. I went meekly for my blood test - which took place in a different building on the next street. Oh, and I forgot to mention that in the middle of all of this I had to go and move my car - which was a 10 minute walk away.

If an exploratory scan is this stressful how would a full cycle be? The experience shot me into a big, fat hole of misery. This clinic is meant to be the answer to my prayers. Hmmmm....

The silver lining in all of this was this months scores on the doors, my day 1 bloodwork. FSH of...........and I think we need a drum roll here....FSH of 9.6! Yeah, yeah, I know it's no great shakes to those lucky girls who are always single digit-ers, but for the first month in ages, i'm back in the magic under 10 club. Hurrah! All the other numbers - Oestradiol, LH and Prolactin are normal too. There's hope for me yet.

Final bullet points -

I fasted religiously for Yom Kippur and went to shul twice! Nothing like IF superstition for focussing a girl on her religion. I hope I repented enough.

Had dinner with the couple who've adopted from Russi.a. Their children - ages 2 and 3 (nrly 3 and 4) are ADORABLE! Still not ready to trot down that road, but they were a real and happy family. They also have a v cute puppy, a "malti-poo" - cross between Ma.ltese Terrier and a P.oodle. Here's a pic I found online of maltipoos

How cute are they?!! I want one but Mr G still won't be swayed....i'm working on it...xx


Erin said...

Wow - sorry about the slow service at the clinic, that's terrible. And also the lack of useful info from the doctor - WTF?

And let me tell you, I know from "manfully" suffering. Oh boy. Perfect word - mind if I steal it for myself?

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the FSH!

Bea said...

Keep working on the puppy angle. Puppies are great. And, as a bonus, dogs are great, too. Hopefully everything else will fall into place, too. Sigh.


JJ said...

Aww you can sway him on the puppy--just bat your eyes ;)
I hope he is feeling better--and Im sorry about the non-service at the clinic.

Thalia said...

I get really cross with that clinic for all the reasons you cite. They expect you to show up at 7 to get in line for tests etc., even though doctors don't start til 8. I have no idea why they make things so difficult for their patients, other than extraordinary arrogance. I hope you can break through that lack of helpfulness.

Great news re the FSH, I hope it stays where it is.

Foreverhopeful said...

That's great about your FSH levels.

OH my gosh..... you have to convince your DH to get a malti-poo. That's what one of my doggies are. She is the sweetest and cutest dog ever and saved me from depression many times. If you send me your email, I can send you pics and tell you all about her.. and you can convince your Dh to get one.