Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's not all misery here

Thought i'd post quickly before bed time. I'm so full of moans i thought i'd share some good stuff for once.

Mr G and I had a truly gorgeous day today. Woke up early-ish - for a Sunday, that is. Got dressed and headed off for a lazy breakfast at a great cafe he'd found. Drank coffee with my food.

Came out and the sun was shining. Put the top down of his convertible car and drove into the centre of L.ondon. Went to see an art exhibition at the N.ational Por.trait Gallery and then ate lunch outdoors at a C.ovent Gar.den restaurant. Had a glass of wine with my meal.

Drove home in the fading sun and chilled out.

It was a day in which there were no gaping child-sized holes. We were happy with each other and with our life. If only it was always like this but at least it can be.

Hope all you girlies out there are having at least some moments that are as content as moments I have had today xx


Bea said...

Sounds like a terrific day.


CAM said...

That is sweet. It takes your focus off of all the infertility garbage for awhile. Sounds like a great day.

Becks said...

Ahh that gave me a lovely warm glow, hope you're ok hun xx

Almamay said...

"It was a day in which there were no gaping child-sized holes."
- What a well observed post. Days like the one you describe remind me that we can survive this as a couple even if DH and I never become a family.

Roxanne Khamsi said...

Portia P,

I came across the following entry from your blog:

Have you or anyone you know started taking DHEA? I am a journalist writing an article about this approach and would like to speak with women who have tried it. If anyone is willing to contact me today (18 October) with their telephone number and share their experience, that would be great. I can be reached at [my first name].[last name]

Best regards,
Roxanne Khamsi

Foreverhopeful said...

So sorry I've been behind in reading your blog. Just wanted to give you a hug and tell you I'm sorry for the rough time you've been having. I'm being tested for auto-immune issues and got a bunch of blood tests done as well BUT I haven't gotten the results back. I'm terrified, they are going to come back with another thing wrong with me.

I'm glad to see you are enjoying days like this amongst all of the craziness. I'm glad you have each other and you are cherishing these moments. Thinking of you..!

andi said...

Hi my dear - yes it was a bloody nightmare.

Went back to the hospital on friday - and would you believe they found a few more. The first big one had grown really well - and it looked like one other will be big enough. Soooo against most advice we are going ahead with retrieval on tuesday.

The doctor made it sound like this was my only chance - honestly - I feel like I know more about protocols than they do.

I am glad you say that about Guys - I think they are crap - I knew right from the start it was a crap protocol - with crap monitoring.

I would love to chat - I will give you a call this week.

Infertili-Me said...

Our little miracles arrived on Tuesday 10/16/07. Both are in Special Care but doing well.
Still thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers!


Baby Blues said...

I love days like those! May we have more of them.