Saturday, October 13, 2007

More results...still not out of the woods

Just a quick post as I should be in the shower and getting ready to go out with friends for dinner.

Had the rest of the secondary tests back to try to eliminate L.upus. All clear. I said to my Dr how pleased I am it's not but she said it still could be! Darn. Those darned Anti Nuclear Antibodies were so high it seems i'm not quite yet clear. My doc's going to ask her specialist what he thinks AND how it'll affect my IV.F.

I've had my tests at the new clinic. Antral follies - 8. Weird, as I had 10 at my last check a few months ago. I guess each sonographer sees it differently. I'm now waiting to hear about my Anti-Mul.lerian Hormone, F.SH and how my Oestra.diol levels were affected by the single dose of Pure.gon I had to inject on day three of my cycle. The Pure.gon injection was done at the clinic. The nurse was going to administer it, but I asked if I could do it myself - it was weird doing it with her there, but weirder, I think, having her inject me in my stomach.

I've had a busy work week. Had lunch with a UK celebrity chef, which was interesting and did a public interview (in front of an paying audience) with a cook book author. Both were fine although I was really nervous about the interview. Worked at a job serving cana.pes for 250 on Thursday. Flat out work - from 8am until 11pm, but it was good fun and a distraction.

Oh - a few infertile moans - i think i need to stop travelling by tube (London Underground trains to you Stateside chicks). They're carrying ads for Pre.Natal vitamins. All the posters have pics of pregant bellies. I seem to sit opposite one every time I get on a train. It p*ss*s me off! Never mind. I also have to go to a friend's birthday dinner. It's a girls' night and all the other girls' are smug yummy mummies. I'm not sure I can face a whole night of child chatter. They all know about me so that might be awkward too. One of them has been too scared to tell me she was having her third child. She never told me. We just stopped talking and now she has had the baby we still don't speak. No falling out, just silence. How awkward is that going to be?! I HATE being infertile.

Time up. Gotta go and shower. xx


Leah said...

I am thrilled for you that the Lupus stuff came back clear. Even though your Doc still seems like it's a vague "maybe", I'm going to celebrate the current victory!!

Sorry about all the prenatal vitamin posters and pregnant friends. I know 100% how you feel. I'm beyond smiling pleasantly at them . . . I just look away. I don't even care if I look sad or rude, I just don't have it in me anymore to pretend like it's all okay.

Hang in there, I'm sending you a thousand warm hugs.

Bea said...

Yes, I'm going to say it's good news about the Lupus, too. Hopefully the next time someone gives you an opinion about it, it'll be even more comforting.

Don't you hate friends who can't handle your infertility? As if it's not emotionally draining enough, we feel we have to go to a constant effort to reassure *them* about it. I ran out of patience a while ago. If they can't handle it, fine, I'll talk to people who do.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that the lupus screen has come back clear. I know that ANA antibodies can be really bad in pregnancy, so I really hope they get everything sorted out soon.

CAM said...

Good news with the test results so far!
As far as the friends thing, I know what you mean. Many of them who know just don't know what to say - so they either too much or nothing at all - both are just so uncomfortable. This infertile world just plain sucks!