Thursday, July 03, 2008

Da daaaaaaaaah

I've had a facelift. Well, my blog has. The wonderful Calliope has designed me a new header and i've done my best to bring the rest of my look up to scratch too. I'd love to change the background colour of my page but that was a step too far....

Thank you so much Calliope - you're a talented girl and deserve so much success and happiness.

I'm staying at my parents' house 30 mins drive north of London whilst Mr G is away on business. I love staying here - i'm being royally looked after. Bliss.

Our apartment is full of decorators painting and tiling our flat. We're having a bit of a tart up - part funded by 2 insurance claims for leaks from flats above us. Bad luck to have 2 flats leak into ours, but good luck that it necessitated repainting most of the flat.

We're also moving Mr G's home office out - partly to his new office in Soho and partly into my cubby hole office in the flat. His old office will be our guest room/TP's room. We don't really have space for a proper nursery if we want to keep an office at home and as we both do some work from home that seems the best option.

As we've just had two offers to paint murals on a nursery wall i'm starting to feel perhaps we should make the room a bit more of a nursery, but as we have our wardrobes in there anyway that's probably not possible. Our flat - which is 15 mins from Oxford Street - is perfectly placed for work and great shopping but is probably not big enough for us in the longer term. It's a shame as it backs onto a great park, is very convenient and i love living so centrally. We'll never be able to afford something big enough in that area, so in a year or so - when we have sufficient money (hopefully) - we'll look at a new area.

On another note, i had a call from a friend of a friend on Tuesday. We had some social chit chat whilst I was thinking 'what do you really want?' I was hoping it might be some catering work. What is turned out to be was to see if i'd talk to her friend who has secondary infertility as she's really low and not sure how to proceed. I said it would be my pleasure - and it is. If I can be of help to anyone going through this nightmare then i'd love to be.

She (the friend) called yesterday and was lovely and clearly in such a mess mentally. She's been told she has POF at only 35. She just about managed her first child - by a post-lap fluke - and now has been trying for 2 years for number 2. It ain't happening. Her AMH is less than 1 and she hasn't yet found a clinic to give her IVF. They say she doesn't respond well enough to stims. She told me when she has had stims, the most she has had has been a dose every OTHER day!!! EVERY OTHER DAY?!! What's that all about??

She had been at the clinic where we were told to give up. The one that is more concerned with their place in the official clinic league tables than helping patients. They turn you down if you look to be a bad candidate. She has spent about £40k so far and that's without any IVF. I've given her my clinic details and said she must call me to let me know how she gets on.

Better get dressed - i feel like a naughty child as my folks have been up and busy for ages and i'm still in PJ's!


Bee Cee said...

Ooh sounds like you have had a few busy weeks. The hotel in Greece looks fab, think I will have to add it to my favourites, well you know what I am like for booking places that you have been to!

Love the scan of TP. He/she's really really real now!! Amazing.

Hope all your friends are ok, tough times.

Love the new look by the way.

Anonymous said...

Love the new look!

I hope your can help your friend find somewhere to help her. Has she tried DHEA?

Thalia said...

how on earth has she racked up 40000 without doing IVF? Even an IVF cycle at my clinic only costs 3500, with maybe another 1000 of drugs if she's on high doses. What have they been doing to her?

Honestly, with an AMH of 1, I don't think a clinic should be treating her, and fairly sure your clinic won't touch her - don't they screen for FSH at the start of each cycle? No reason why she shouldn't have a consultation, but not sure there i a good answer for her. Life really sucks sometimes. DHEA is a rather good idea, though.

Love the header.

Bea said...

Calliope is single-handedly renovating blogland! Love the look.

And am feeling very jealous about your flat, too. Are you *sure* you can't find some genius storage solution and stay there? Oxford St and a park? Sigh.


andi said...

Hey there - I love it too - it made me suck my breath in - very 'chef in the city' - fab!

Lovely to have the folks looking after you - and glad you are thinking of the nursery.

By the way - when are we getting the belly shot??!!!


soapchick said...

Love the new look!