Saturday, July 26, 2008


I think about my dad and my grandparents all the time. I miss them, in particular my daddy, my mother's mother and father's father. They were the three who I lost most recently and the Grandparents i was closest to, although the loss isn't really that recent, as Grandma died 6 years ago and Daddy and Grandpa, 5 years ago.

I feel like they're looking down on me. I realise this is going to sound like the writings of a lunatic, but I had this notion the other day that all of our departed relatives are queuing up on our behalf to secure us our babies. When they get to the top of the queue - hey presto, that's when the cycle works or the unexpected pregnancy occurs. My Dad was such a forceful personality i'm not surprised he got the top of that queue.

It also made me think that he had something to do with TP. Daddy died and TP was conceived - is it still called conception when it happens in a petri dish with a needle? - on the SAME STREET in London. Daddy's hospital is on one block and our fertility clinic about 5 mins down the street from it. Coincidence? Maybe, but i'd like to think the proximity is special.

My nephew was born almost exactly 9 months after Daddy died and I thought that was special. I felt like there was a sort of spirit turnaround as one left and another arrived. Interestingly, I met Mr G on the day my nephew was born which makes that a really auspicious day too. But perhaps Daddy hung around a bit longer until we had our first treatment at that particular clinic.

And there again, perhaps i'm talking a load of rubbish....

Humour me!


Bea said...

They are lovely thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I hope your thoughts are right, because if that is the case, there are a few on the other side that should be watching out for me, hopefully soon.

Your dad is watching out for TP. That much I know for sure.

Betty M said...

I do think there can be a kind of synchronicity with these kind of things. My Z was born the day before the memorial for my BIL who died of cancer at 37 so there was happy and sad at that occasion.

Anonymous said...

I have had similar thoughts about my late father protecting our baby. I had serious bleeding one night at about 6 1/2 weeks into my pregnancy. Since there was nothing to be done my RE told me to come in the next day - which happened to be the four-year anniversary of my dad's death - for an ultrasound. It didn't cross my mind that I would be told anything other than that I had a miscarriage. On the way to the clinic I said to my husband, "Great, now Jan. 9 can be the worst day in my life for two different reasons."

Surprise, surprise, it was "only" a subchorionic bleed, which eventually cleared up. I'm 36 weeks pregnant with a boy - who we're naming after my dad.

soapchick said...

You are not talking rubbish. You have a lot of angels and yes I believe that they are protecting you.