Monday, May 14, 2007

busy, busy, busy...doing v little

I can't believe its been a whole week since my last post! I've been so busy being prodded and poked the time has just flown!

I'm in the middle of my nhs cycle monitoring. Scans have told me that all is working fine. I've one more blood test and scan on day 21 of this cycle and then they can refer us for our state funded cycle. Its only taken a year to get this far. Apparently it'll take another 6 months to get to the to of their IVF list!

As part of that testing, I had an HSG this morning. I'd heard such bad things I was a bit worked up. It was actually fine! Well, because of my tight cervix there was a bit of faffing around to get the dye in. They had to put a balloon thing in and that part was a bit yucky, but only a bit crampy. The proper name for my biology is that i've got a "tiny oss". Oss is the name of the entrance to the cervix. Nice if I had a tiny ass too. Bit harder than changing an "o" to and "a" sadly. Anyway, once they were in, they found nothing at all to worry about. Tubes fine, uterus clear as a bell.

It's almost annoying to hear that all my bits are in such good working order. It's just so unfair that my boy's sperm don't want to play. Still, apart from the Oss, it should mean it's easier to make this darned IVF work.

We visited the top notch private clinic this week too. Just want a back up plan if this next cycle doesn't work. We thought them very good - they said our chances were good - 35%. I think we'll go there if we're not blessed next time.

Was thinking about the whole percentage chance thing. It's mad really. If someone asked me to bet £5k on a horse (for example) and the odds of it winning were 35%, i'd no way take the bet. That's effectively what we're doing here. Only difference is that if we win the bet, the reward is priceless. Still a bit mad. All or nothing.

Friday night's ball was lots of fun. We drank champagne and danced and just had a good time. Afterwards we went to the bar on the 28th floor of the London's Park Lane Hilton and drank champagne cocktails. It was so lovely. I felt v guilty the next day, but we deserve some fun in this life!

I'd bought "hold me in" pants for the night and they were rubbish. They kept riding up so that I was gagging to tug them out again, i'm not sure they held me in v much AND they gave me a tummy ache! Won't waste my money on them again.

Last thing - yesterday I met up with some of my Mind/Body group and went to a big flower and plant market in East London. Ibought some gorgeous lavender and other flowers to go in a lovely terracotta window box for outside my office window. I'll be able to smell lavender as I type. I'm getting to be such a gardener!

Good luck to all those cycling and congrats to Larissa at The Waiting Womb - who's had a BFP this week. xx


Larisa said...

awww...thanks. I'd be happy to email about the cervix can click "email me" when you view my profile.

Thanks for your comment.

Sorry you have to wait so long. Glad the HSG went well.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Glad the HSG went well--it is nerve racking to think about, but not as bad once you are on the other side!
Stinks you have to wait so long...hope its a FAST wait. And it is funny that the amount of money isnt even a question, as long as we get to our GOAL, right?=)

Sticky Bun said...

Thanks for popping in and commenting on my blog--I'm so glad you did because I just surfed over and read your post and it made me laugh out loud. (Particularly the part about changing the o to an a. Wouldn't that be nice!!)

Anyhow...glad the hsg went well. SOrry you have to wait so long to cycle--I'll be checking in to see how everything goes. :-)

Baby Blues said...

Something to do to keep you distracted... you're tagged! :-)

Becks said...

Really pleased you got the all clear, that's one less concern for you.

Sounds like life is a bit more positive and I'm glad you are having fun too, we need to remember sometimes that we have a life as well.

Take care.