Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just to set the record straight...

...i'm not waiting 6 months until my next cycle. No way!!! I think i've not made it very clear especially for you girlies overseas and the system here in the UK is pretty mad.

The nhs cycle will be state funded but the huge waiting lists mean huge waiting times. As i'm racing towards 40, I can't afford to wait for them to treat me. Sooooooooooo, whilst I do all the tests and creep up the list, i'm fitting in cycles at our (very expensive) private clinic in the hope that by the time I get there i won't need it anyway. If I still do need that cycle, it'll save us several thousands of pounds which i'm sure we'll be running out of by then.

I'm planning on starting my next cycle next month. AF's due in about 10 days. We'll do a Day 2 FSH test to check it's a good month and then get started with the down reg in mid June.

I've been tagged by Babyblues (thanks for thinking of me, my dear) but haven't time to do it justice now as have to make this a short post. I'm running late as I spent all morning making platters of "gourmet" sandwiches for Mr G to use at a meeting tonight. Two sorts of wraps - Goats cheese, onion marmalade and rocket and Parma ham, avo, spinach and sun dried tomato wraps and mini bagels with smoked trout and lemon and chive cream cheese.

I'll be back tomorrow with a full entry -v excited to be tagged xx

ps: spoke to Dr Big Hair - our specialist - yesterday. He'd like to try a mock transfer this week to see if this week's HSG has dilated my teeny, tiny Oss. I really hope its done the trick... At least we'll have something to go on for the next go.

pps: went to the second charity ball last night. Wasn't in the mood after the HSG but had a good time. Only thing was that we were sharing our table with a really, really overexcitedly smug pregnant girl. She's a minor celebrity here - her name's Mylene Klass. She looked gorgeously trim and blooming and didn't STOP going on about her pregnancy. Grrrrr.

ppps: You may remember my friend who was my one close friend in infertility. She'd tried 5 years to conceive, had 5 miscarriages and 3 failed IVF's but then fell pg naturally. I was really pleased for her but GUTTED for a few days when she told me. Anyway, she's in labour right now. I found out her waters had broken yesterday and (when off the phone) I shed a tear or two. I can't wait for her to have her baby she so TOTALLY deserves it as she's one of the truly nicest people I know. Part of me is just a little bit sad though.


Baby Blues said...

You make my mouth water when you start describing whatever you're preparing in your kitchen.

Have fun with your "I am" post.

Good luck on your upcoming cycle Portia. I get excited when a new cycle starts. It brings with it an optimistic kind of new hope.

Foreverhopeful said...

Oh my gosh those are gourment sandwhiches... :) Want to make me one. YUM!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry for all the waiting you've had to do for the state funded clinic. Didn't realize there was such a long waiting list. I would be like you and want to start right away. Its nice you have a choice of a private clinic (Sorry you have to pay $$$$). Glad things are on its way and good luck to you.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Haha, love all the PS's! And I agree with BabyBlues--you are making my mouth water!!
Hope in a new cycle is always very refreshing and lovely--I wish you the very best and LOTS of hope=)

Becks said...

Do you know I keep thinking about trying to get an NHS funded cycle but don't even know how to go about it.

I remember hearing that Mylene Klass was pregnant, I don't really like looking at pics of her in the tabloids so you did really well spending a night with her.

Looking to hearing your 'I Am'

Changing Expectations said...

Wow, I didn't realize that the waiting list was so long. Sorry that you have to spend some bucks to avoid the wait.

Good luck to you on your upcoming cycle. Keep us posted!