Thursday, May 17, 2007


Here goes with a few little "I am's" about me:

I AM lucky to be in love with and married to a wonderful kind, sweet and thoughtful man who is making this journey through the world of needles and scans far easier

I AM a smitten, doting Auntie to two gorgeous red haired children down in Sydney and I don't get to kiss them nearly enough. Here's a pic of my niece when she was a bridesmaid at my wedding last year

I AM eternally grateful for the chance I had to change my career from law to something I really love - cooking! Every day's like a holiday!

I AM never going to be happy with my weight and that's almost certainly because I AM such a greedyguts - I love my food so much and I eat for a living!

I AM so very ready to be a mother...but can't ever really imagine myself with that baby in my arms.

I AM the owner of a gorgeous Mini cooper and nothing makes me happier than driving up the motorway on a sunny day singing my heart out! (Pic's of another Mini - not mine, but mine's similar and - I hate to admit - called Ruby. Yes, i've named my car....)

I AM in need of a bedtime book - since I finished my last one I just haven't found one I want to read

I AM going to 2 weddings this year and I'm looking forward to both of them - they're such happy days. I'd love to do mine all over again! (The pic's not me and Mr G - we're shorter, rounder and got married in Central London!)
I AM writing about my trials and tribulations in the world of infertility for a newspaper but I write a whole lot more in my blog as that's my private place.

I AM severely in need of time in "blogschool" - as i'm of an age that didn't learn much about computers at school, i'm totally rubbish at the techy stuff - I can't do links to other blogs in my text, and - as the sad alignment of my photos shows - whilst i can get pics on the screen but can't move them!

I AM surrounded by lovely friends who care but don't quite "get" what infertility is like, so the support I get from you blogger girlies is the best - thank you all !


There seems a shortage of people to tag. Anyone i read has been tagged already. I'll do a little surfing and throw out some tags tomorrow should I find any untagged victim


Reproductive Jeans said...

Thanks for sharing--I love all your pictures--Love the mini cooper--Ive always wanted to ride around in one! They look like so much fun!
That is your wedding photo? Its beautiful!

My Reality said...

I would like to know more about your career change. I want to go to cooking school. Desperately. But at this point, I want a baby more so all of our extra money goes to IVF. I would love to hear more about it if you have a chance.

Foreverhopeful said...

Thanks for sharing... :) :) I love reading these posts...! I think that's great you pursued your dream of being a cook. We all need to pursue our dreams more.. :) :) I think thats so great.. :) Cute that you named your car and what an adorable niece. I have one too that was also in my wedding. She's like my daughter to me and I have a very special bond with her.

Baby Blues said...

The first car I ever drove was Mini cooper. It's so cute.

I'd love to have a chance to change my career. I want something less stressful and something that makes me happy doing it.

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.