Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eating for success

Well, we're 2 days into the pre-cycle bit. I've had 4 doses of the Prim.ulot and all seems well.

Only thing is that having really worked hard to shed some (and I stress some and not all) my IVF weight, I now seem on a mission to eat everything that I can. Hunger is irrelevant on my mission and will power has fled screaming. I need to get a grip or I could manage a stone this cycle and that's really not on.

The eatathon kicked off with all my baking for the market stall - more on that later - during which I rather overdid the tasting. I think i've hooked myself on sugar. I need to go cold turkey with it really, but can't seem to steel myself to do it. Today, I had a good girl breakfast of porridge with some raisins but soon went down hill tasting home made mincemeat for mince pies (do you eat those in the US?) with my market stall partner. I had lunch with a friend at a Farmer's Mkt. Delicious creamed mushrooms on a thick slab of white toast and a few tastes of roasted vine tomatoes with rocket and parmesan on toast. Lush. We then went home for some of her home baked cup cakes and 2 cakes we'd bought at the market. Tonight i'm off to meet another friend for MORE food! Gotta getta grip!

The market stall was fun if freezing! We did ok but won't be retiring just yet. Having vowed we won't do it again, I think we'll go back a couple of times before Chris.tmas to sell off the rest of our stock of jars and biscotti. I might even get festive with some Christmassy mince pies too. I must just try not to eat them all whilst manning the stall.

Got to run now - have to fit some work into my busy eating schedule...it's a tough job and all that xx


Becks said...

Hiya matey!!! Back from my 2 week holiday....just catching up on your news. So glad its looking good for a cycle before the end of the year....we'll nearly be going through it together. Hugs x

Bea said...

Christmas is never kind to the figure, and combined with IVF... well let's hope you're feeling extra-disciplined this year.


CAM said...

I am with you on the eating...tis the season! I am very excited for your cycle. Stay positive - happy thoughts!

Ms. Planner said...

You NEEDED all those calories for standing out in the cold! Don't be too hard on yourself. And you made me start salivating.

No, we don't generally do mince meat pies in the US. Criminy, I don't even think I know what they are?