Monday, November 26, 2007

The post in which I do quite a lot of moaning.


I've been popping the Prim.olut for a week. It's basically progesterone and I really don't like it. I'm spotty - which I offends my great vanity - a bit prone to tears and quite a lot down.

I'm also hating the fact that this fortnight of Prog.esterone fuelled fun might all be for nothing. If I don't get my period before 4th Dec, then it's game over for 2007 and i'll have to start all over again in Jan. That's p-ing me off, esp since we're trying to plan a getaway for 2 weeks in Jan. If we have to cycle in Jan, we won't be able to go away then AND it'll be too late (and too expensive) for a Dec break.

Add to all of this the fact that i'll be 39 on 3rd Dec for which i'll be both spotty and grumpy! Can you tell i'm on Prog.esterone by any chance?!

I suppose i'd better just get on with it and stop moaning.

On the "life" front all's been pretty quiet. Spent Friday and Sunday helping cook for my Synag.ogue's bazaar. We're new members of the congregation and it was nice to meet lots of others. I got asked several times by the other ladies in the kitchen if I have children. Children! Not even just child - they assume you might have more than one! I wish. Sometimes i'd just say no and other times i'd "come out" as an IV.F'er. Actually easier to 'fess up as you've then got another topic of conversation.

Also, discovered that one of my fellow teachers at the school I teach at is about to start her first IV.F. She's a geriatric newly wed (well, 39 yrs young) and has found out her hubbie (who has 3 children) is no longer able to make babies. I didn't pry too much, but it gave us an instant bond and we're going to try to teach the same class together next term.

Oh - am LOVING Stric.tly It's a high point of my week. M.att and F.lavia's dance was superb this week. It made me smile and smile to watch it!

Time for bed. I'm keen to start my new book. I've just finished The Hand Maid's Tale - which I think I enjoyed and which definitely gave me food for thought. I've had a day off from bedtime reading (during which Mr G actually got a look in) and i'm ready to start The Island - can't remember the author - about a leper colony. Sounds like an odd read, but it comes highly recommended by many friends. Need to get under my nice warm duvet and crack it open. Night night xx


Waiting Amy said...

Ugh, sorry things are spotty. Its always so frustrating when you can't control the schedule. Hoping somehow you make your holiday in Jan.

Wishing you an early happy b-day!

CAM said...

It seems unfair that they pump you up with all these hormones and then give you a hectic schedule to try and figure out?! Its just a form of torture really!!
Stay calm and keep smiling. It will all work out somehow.

Bea said...

Well, the progesterone sounds as fun as ever, but yay on finding an IVF buddy.


Becks said...

I am so hoping the evil red one turns up before the beginning of Dec. I've been so emotional recently too....its not nice is it?

I am so into Strictly too, Matt and Flavia are SO hot, I do have a soft spot for Kenny Logan...any man that's been through IVF gets points from me!

Waiting Amy said...

You haven't posted so ...

Happy Birthday!