Tuesday, November 06, 2007


They're out in force to celebrate day one of my cycle. Even though i'll be doing a flare protocol again, this month at least, I can start the lead up to IC.SI No 4.

So now we have a plan: from day 14 to day 25 of this cycle i take Prim.ulot - not entirely sure what this does other than attempt to improve my egg tally.

I'll start Le.trozole on day 2 of next cyle and get busy with the Menop.ur on day 3. I get to shove a third needle in my stomach on about day 6 when we're joined by Ce.trotide.

If (no, when - of course we'll get there) we get to ET I get to take Eno.xaparin (for blood thinning), Pred.nisolone (the steriod to counter my antibodies) and (my personal favourite) Cycloge.st - mainly to force me to shove my finger up my a** twice a day and generally make me feel just as grim as possible during the IV.F process, oh, and keep my Prog.esterone levels up too.

Of course there are various other pills, potions and jabs along the way too unexciting to mention AND the added pressure that my next period must arrive before 4th Dec (day after my 39th birthday). If not they won't let me stim as they close their theatre over the holidays. This new clinic just love to pile on the stress!

Still poorly with my bug and now having to cancel work this week - a flippin' nuisance. I dispatched Mr G to our local J.ewish deli to pick up Chicken Soup as it was all I could face. Not sure it's worked yet, so i'll need more tonight.


Almamay said...

I'm so pleased you can start your cycle sooner rather than later. Yeah!

Ah, chicken soup. Great idea. I make a killer batch of Jewish penicillin. I even get requests for it when friends are ill now as they swear it is the only thing that works.

Get better quick, you've got a cycle to start!!!!

Bea said...

Yay for the period! Boo for all the other stress, but I guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed it all works out.


CAM said...

Love that picture - hooray for day one! Glad you are starting a fresh cycle. Keep us posted!
Thanks so much for your kind words on my site during a horrible time. The support that I get from everyone means the world.
You guys are the best!