Sunday, February 21, 2010

It doesn't feel right to blah on about my niggles and doubts.

I feel tiny and self-centred for expounding at length about my current fears.


Because this lady's situation puts it all into perspective. As does the situation this lady finds herself in.

What's wrong with the world when they fight so hard for their babies - which they both finally have - and then the rug is snatched from under their feet?

They've got something to moan about. More than moan actually. Their bravery in getting up each day is an inspiration. I hurt for both of them to my core.

So, when I stress about whether or not I will be able to add to my family - for which i'm hugely grateful, I remember that if I don't, i'll still have my health, my Mr G and my gorgeous B. I thank G-d for all of this several times a day. I pray to G-d that they (Vee and ES) will get through.

I've a scan on Wednesday to see what's going on for me. Til then I shall count my blessings.


Bea said...

Heartbreaking situations.

Hopefully your worries will be eased again by the next scan.


andi said...

My WORD - I can't believe I missed it all - your whole frozen cycle - and what a great result!!!

I am soooo pleased for you sweetie pie.


Vee said...

Thank you so much Portia. But please feel free to blah on as much as you need to.

All the very best!