Monday, February 08, 2010

An interesting morning...

A ver-reee interesting morning indeed.

Us 3 went to the clinic and, as usual we had a long wait for the scan. I felt extremely awkward in a room full of women in treatment and couples there for a "teach" session with B trotting around exclaiming "mummy", "car" and "ra, ra" at random intervals. Wind back 2 years (when i was nearing the end of the cycle that brought me B) and had anyone told me i'd be there with my child one day, i'd have laughed in their face.

Anyway, eventually, we were called upstairs. The receptionist said we'd go straight in but whoever got called up with us did a real sly one and sneaked in ahead of us. There are some things you just don't do - and that's really not playing the game.

Unaware of this, we waited several minutes - probably 10 - outside the door, and, with B getting less and less enamoured of his day trip to a London IV.F clinic (well, return home really) I decided to knock. I opened and saw a Dr and patient (Miss Sly Fox herself) and apologised. What i did clock is that i'd seen that Doc before.

"Goodness!" i said to Mr G "I think the Dr in there is Dr Doom" (not his name, although it might as well have been). Dr Doom was the head honcho from the clinic who told us to give up back in December 2007. The man who damn near broke my heart.

Cut a long story short, when we got in there he introduced himself and it WAS!! I told him, the last time we saw you, you told us we'd never be successful and that you wouldn't treat us any more. We came here and this - gesturing at my little boy - is the result. I've dreamed of telling that man he was wrong and here was my moment. Bizarre.

He has been working for my top Doc for a year now. He said he wanted to do what the top Doc is doing and to learn from him! Mad.

Anyway, cut to the chase - because I know you'll be waiting for this. The scan showed a sac, foetal pole and tiny little heartbeat. Measurement was 4.6mm. All good.

Dr Doom had no idea of where I was at in my treatment - he'd even asked me when I walked in where I was in my cycle(!!!!) I had to tell him what was going on and what drugs I was on. That threw me somewhat and I didn't think to ask about my slow rising levels and up and down progesterone until I was leaving. He said the HCG should be doubling every 2 days - which didn't help my nerves about this - and that the progesterone falling was not good. Great. So, i've a heartbeat - which, to be honest, I couldn't really see, but Mr G says he could - but still a fear of falling.

More bloods were taken today and i've left a message with the clinic asking them to ask the top Doc whether or not IVI.g would help and if the different steroid this time makes a difference.

I'm extremely relieved to see someone in there, but for now, still concerned and, this afternoon, pretty symptomless. : (


Hopeful Mother said...

First of all, congrats on the fetal pole and heartbeat. I hope your next ultrasound will show steady growth and ease your fears a bit.

Second, amazing that the Doc is now at your practice, and good for you to say something to him. I don't think they realize how defining their words can be and that sometimes they are just plain WRONG!

Sweet Georgia said...

Hmm, seems a mixed blessing to have met up with Dr. Doom. I hope everything continues to go along without any bumps in the road.

Sue said...

I'm glad you saw lots of good things on your ultrasound and I'm hoping the head doc comes back with some reassurance for you. I wouldn't listen to Dr. Doom!

Anonymous said...

It is no longer true -- at the point you are at -- that HCG should be doubling every two days. That only happens initially, and you are beyond that stage.
I have worried myself sick with the same issue, and know that it is not always possible to be rational in this state.
Rational would be to say you know Dr Doom to be an alarmist, and incorrect.

Portia P said...

Anonymous - I like your style! Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to delurk anytime!

Other ladies - thanks for being here.