Wednesday, February 24, 2010

8 weeks

Just a quick post as i'm in need of a nap and B has just gone off to sleep. Don't want to miss my chance as i'm to work tonight - teaching pizza and salad nicoise (yum).

Anyway, the scan this morning showed the embryo - I know it becomes a foetus at some point but not sure when, maybe 12 weeks? - sorry, I've digressed. The embryo has grown and has continues to have a heartbeat. Phew. It was measuring 8 wks 5 days - but then one of the Docs (there were two in with us today) who seemed to be overseeing the scanning Doc who was perhaps learning the machine?) said 'give or take 4 days' which more or less could put us bang on. Double Phew.

The whole experience was fairly stressful as we had to take B with us. Our usual lady couldn't look after him. He went mad for me when I went behind the screen to strip off and then was fussing and moaning when we sat with the Dr's afterwards. (I feel ashamed even mentioning this as i'm well aware i'm immensely lucky to be taking one miracle to watch the other potential miracle)

As a result, Mr G went off in a huff with me because he hadn't been able to participate in the appointment. Not sure why it was my fault. Never mind.

B and I went to treat ourselves to a post-scan Brioche from Le Pain Quotidien. I used to go there and sit in after a successful scan when B was my passenger and drink tea and eat their gorgeous bread with equally gorgeous jams and chocolate spreads. It was truly special taking him in there this time. We didn't sit in as he'd only want to run about. We both enjoyed our brioche though. It was pouring with rain - as it has been for WEEKS now - so we went to West.field (huge shopping centre) and bought vests and PJ's and a "daktor" (tractor) for Barney and shared a sandwich in Benugo sandwich bar whilst playing with said daktor.

I continue to be gobsmacked by all of this. I am starting to relax a little, but I then remember all the ladies i know who've lost the heartbeat at 9 weeks or more and i remember to take each day at a time.

For today i'll enjoy knowing there's a little heart beating inside me. Wow.


Betty M said...

Wow indeed!

Kath said...

Dear Portia, what lovely news. May it continue to get better and better.

Bea said...

I know you said you still have a few doubts, but it's sounding really very good, isn't it?

The embryo/foetus thing is somewhere around 8-10wks. I forget, exactly, but it's before 12. It's either eight or ten. Google will know.