Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One step forward...

Monday's scan went fine and I spent much of the rest of the starting to believe that this might turn out ok.

We saw a more defined looking pair of blobby shapes - body and head - the yolk sac and a heartbeat which was, apparently at a good frequency. It measured 12mm. Phew. The scan was with Dr Doom, who has started to warm up a bit with us and was quite upbeat.

Oddly, he ordered HCG and progesterone tests. Progesterone I get, but HCG? Surely we're past that. I was going to query it but thought, 'what the hey, might as well' as I don't want to rock the boat.

All the stats say such great things about a strong heartbeat at this stage with great percentages for likelihood of getting past the 1st trimester (and beyond). Then they go and ruin it by excluding older mothers and IVF'rs. Not too sure where I stand on the older mum thang as this embryo was formed from a 37 year old egg. I hope the various risks are based on that. I'm sure a Nuch.al scan would use that age.

Anyway, the fly in my ointment came at 6ish when Dr Doom rang to tell me that my progesterone has fallen AGAIN. It's gone down to 150 from 185. What's WITH my flipping hormones? I know the level is still seriously high, but WHY is my body going in the wrong direction?!!

I'm guessing if there was an embryo issue the embryo would show signs of flagging. This is my body playing up. Work with me here, love!!

I've got to go in for blood tests (Immunes and full blood count) tomorrow morning. If they can establish what's going on, I suppose they'll change my meds.

This is keeping me on my toes.

I'm still tired (exhausted) and on-and-off nauseous, so my body's doing something right.

Let's see what tomorrow holds...


Life in Eden said...

Been following things but haven't had the chance to comment. Hoping everything falls into place for you soon. fingers crossed!

Kath said...

Dear Portia, never a dull moment, eh? (Boredom in pregnancy is seriously underrated.) May your progesterone stop acting strange, and may you soon settle in to a long, healthy, booooooring eight months. Keeping everything crossed for you.

Bea said...

I believe hCG is one of the things they use to calculate your risk of genetic abnormalities, along with nuchal translucency and others, so that's probably why. I also thought it was normal to have a bit of fluctuation in the progesterone - can you check that with someone other than Dr Doom?

Anyway, it does sound like things are looking better and better. Fingers still crossed!