Thursday, October 26, 2006

10 steps forward

What a couple of days. Didn't feel up to blogging yesterday as I was too worried about today.

We had the collection yesterday. It all went very smoothly as the staff at the clinic were wonderful. They were charming and so so kind. Although I was only sedated, I was totally unconscious throughout the procedure. MDB was in there with me - not that i'd've known about it. I snored apparently. When I woke in the recovery room - with another lovely nurse - MDB had gone to do his bit. Shame he had to go through all the bad bits without me. Anyway, when they wheeled me out he was in our cubicle and told me we had 4 eggs...4!!!! A bit disppointed it wasn't 5, but 4's not bad at all.

I recovered quite well and was allowed out quite quickly. The worst bit had been the IV line in my arm. That hurt!

At home, MDB went for my prescriptions and got me a DVD. I relaxed on the sofa and ate the rest of my sandwich from the clinic. Felt ok. Thought i'd feel really bad today, but feel ok. A little crampy, but otherwise ok. Am encouraged that i'm fit and well and recovering from all this (it seems) quite quickly.

Had to wait until today for fertilistation news. Call was due from embryologist between 11.30 and 1. Didn't want to dwell on it so got on with some work. At 10.30ish they called. I was so scared they'd say sorry, none have worked, but the embryologist - maggie - told me THREE have fertilised!!! I'm so relieved. It means that it's possible for MDB's sperm to fertilise my eggs! Such good news! he seemed less excited, but we do have more steps to go through before we're at the end of this road.

Trying to relax today and be calm and positive. Easier said than done. Went to visit friend with two week old baby. V sweet. Didn't feel envious or sad. Just relaxed. Think it's the high that comes with this time of the treatment. It's the pre-period phase, where there's hope remaining.

Anyway, time to do a bit of calm visualisation. Fingers crossed xx

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