Sunday, October 29, 2006

All aboard

So, Friday morning I went for my pre-transfer acupuncture session. My lovely acupuncturist was following a v specific plan. Needles in my ear, top of my head, legs and belly! Aimed to relax and increase blood flow to my uterus.

Relaxed and nurtured, i went home to meet MDB from work and (after changing into more comfy clothes (me) and a scooby snack (him) we set off for the clinic. For once, with plenty of time, we were fairly relaxed and arrived early for our appointment. So early, in fact, that we popped out to buy some lovely sandwiches and chocs for after the procedure.

As usual, our specialist was late. Sitting with HUGE full bladder after our appt time, I got MDB to find out what was going on. Specialist was still not there! I went to empty my too full bladder and, guess who walked into the clinic! Was lovely to see him. He's such a kind man...

We went upstairs to the transfer room. MDB was disappointed that he was not getting gowned up this time and that I wasn't having full on knock out drugs. I explained it was just like our mock...but real. So, we went into the room with our specialist, a lovely nurse and a v nice embryologist. They sat MDB and I down in 2 chairs and told us we had 3 eggs fertilised and that they were all top grade! Excellent. They checked our names and dob's - it felt like an exam. They asked how many eggs we'd like returned. We hadn't really discussed this, but when they confirmed our chances were less if we had only 1 returned, we went for the double whammy. The third will be frozen.

The transfer went ok. I felt relaxed - probably too relaxed, as I wouldn't shut up! Only scary moment was when it felt quite uncomfortable and they got worried about my saying it felt crampy. Hope that didn't cause a problem...!

MDB sat stroking my hair and squeezing my arm - generally being v sweet. When it was all done, they handed us a photo of the embryos, or at least the fluid they'd been in. I got up and dressed and we had a chat with the embryologist - such a lovely girl - who urged me to empty my bladder as it was clear from the screen how full it still was! I was worried whether my precious cargo might just fall out, so waited a little while before very carefully going. We said goodbye to our specialist - after asking some silly questions (me) like how do i sort the constipation the drugs are giving me. (Again, i'm scared that the babies might somehow be pushed out before they're attached...sad, but true...not that I told him that!

MDB went to get the car - saving me the walk - and we drove home. We were both worried about every bump dislodging those tiny embryos. At home I put my feet up and drank tea, ate cake and watched endless television. That's pretty much how i've stayed since then. I was so fed up of these four walls, we had a v gentle slow walk to the DVD shop via Starbucks for more cake, on Sunday. Otherwise, it was feet up and resting.

Will get back to normal gradually, but it makes sense to do the best I can to make this work. 11 days to go before we'll know...xx

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