Tuesday, October 24, 2006

drug free day

Today has been needle and spray free. How lovely not to live by my alarm that tells me to sniff or stick a needle in my belly.

There were some needles, as I went for Acupuncture, but that's a bit different. My acupuncturist is so postive about the cycle and thinks i'm doing really well. She used points to nourish my uterus and to relax me. I feel fairly calm. Well, 'calm before a storm' calm.

i've cancelled my work for most of next week and cancelled tonight's work. I didn't want to, but MDB wanted me to and I felt that it this doesn't work (it will, it will) then I'd hate for either of us to think I didnt' give it my best shot. I also felt a bit iffy this morning. Sicky and with strange goings on in my belly. Am ok now. Just cold and ready to snuggle up in front of the television with a hot water bottle and MDB.

I hope these follicles of mine all produce good eggs and that they all fertilise. That would be fantastic. One egg that fertilises and turns embryo and stays put for 9 months would be a wonderful miracle.

This is all a bit surreal really. Who'd have thought i'd be doing this?

Fingers crossed for tomorrow - funny...i'm not nervous, and it's a sort of operation. Suppose the end goal is keeping me going through experiences that i'd never have imagined i'd have been able to achieve x

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