Saturday, October 21, 2006

Introduction 21 October 2006

Welcome to my blog. I'm 37 years old and live in NW London. I used to be a lawyer but I retrained as a chef and I love what i'm doing. I've been married to my wonderful husband - my darling boy (MDB) for less than 6 months. I love the life we have together.

The fly in the ointment is that we've been told we won't be able to have children on our own. We'd been trying for a baby for 10 months when I decided we should go and get tested. I tested ok. FSH a bit high, but nothing too drastic. All the other hormones were ok. MDB's results were another story. Fertility 'severely impaired'. Low sperm count and low, even no motility. ICSI would be our only chance. What a blow only a few months into our marriage.

At our age, most of our friends have children and many of my very close girlfriends have children. Of my closest friends, 2 have just given birth and a third is due in early December. It's very hard to come to terms with but, as time isn't on my side, we've had to pick ourselves up pretty quickly and get on with it.

I've been reading blogs by other girls in the same position, but they all seem to be in the US or Canada. Where are all my English sisters?!!! I'm finding it really hard not having anyone to share this with. No one even talks in the clinic's waiting room. It's verys strange.

We've started our first cycle of ICSI but it's not going terribly well so far. I've done the suppression phase and been injecting Gonal-F for over a week. My first scan showed 6 follicles...ok for a first go. Feeling quite ok about it, but the Scan 2 showed only 4 to be growing. The nurse asked if we wanted to stop the cycle. We had no idea that this could happen. I thought the 6 were safe. We've another scan in the morning, and then we can decide what to do next. I've so much to say, but I won't say it just yet. I need to make supper for me and MDB.

More tomorrow when i've time to post.

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