Monday, October 23, 2006

Last injection today!!!

Sniffed my last sniff this evening. Had spoken to my favourite nurse (Aussie sweetheart) late afternoon. She told me to sniff at 6 and then to inject the trigger at 11.30pm!! Haven't been up that late in a long time. We asked for the last collection slot so MDB could drive me to the clinic after his work finished. We're on at 10.30am on Wednesday morning. Am v excited!!

My tummy is covered in bruises, and my nightly injection has started to sting now. Not sure why - maybe the bruising? I'm feeling a little stressed as i'm going to be stopping work for a few days and when you're self employed, you don't know when the work will be there again. I HATE that I have to worry about all of this. Even if (I know I should be saying 'when') it works, there's a whole fortnight of limbo and maybe nine months of concern that all is well. I must stop feeling negative, but it seems to be a permanent battle against my inner voice of doom and gloom. Every so often its overruled by the bubbling up of excitement at the thought that this actually might work!

Dr Big Hair (our consultant) has been gorgeous. He's so sweet and genuinely seems to care that this works. In fact, all the staff are wishing us luck now. Even the receptionist.

Anyway, it's all systems go and MDB is totally on my case nagging me to relax, so it's nightie night and time to get ready for bed so i'm ready to sleep post-jab.

As ever, fingers crossed x

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