Sunday, October 22, 2006

First cycle, third scan

Well, we had our third scan this morning. We drove over to the clinic on empty Sunday morning roads.

The weekend scanning operator was charming. Been doing the job years, and was very kind and sensitive. She had a good dig around, making me move my legs and press on my tummy so that she could get a good look at my ovaries. The follicles are getting quite big now. I've got four that are at or over the threshold they need to be to be for harvesting and three coming up behind.

The nurse thought i'd probably have another scan (on Tuesday) with a trigger after that. She called our consultant, who said we should do one more stimulating injection and then the trigger on Monday night. He'll harvest them on Wednesday - the day he works at the clinic. I was a little concerned that we were fitting in with his timetable, but trust him. him enough to ring him immediately we'd left the clinic to check whether or not we'd be better off waiting. He said he'd like more follicles, but that at the end of the day we only need one egg to fertilise, so he was happy to go ahead.

I must stop worrying about the whole number of follicles issue. We've enough to hope for at least one to fertilise and maybe even one or two to freeze, so I must be calm.

After the scan, feeling a whole lot better than we'd done the last two days, we went off to enjoy our Sunday. I'm feeling nauseous and a bit tender on my tummy, but otherwise, quite normal, so this whole experience is surreal.

I'm mildly concerned at the low follicle count, but otherwise excited to be at this stage on our first cycle. This time next week, I might even have a fertilised embryo (or two) on board. I hope that the harvest is ok and the fertlisation that's an unknown at the moment.

Must go. Work to do and protein to be eaten to nourish those eggs


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