Monday, June 11, 2007

Hope for us ageing wannabee mums?

Two potential miracle fixes to extend or increase women's eggs have come to my attention recently.

First - DHEA. A hormone - I believe - that two of my MindBody group have been recommended to take by their Dr's. It's only available in the US but from what i've been told, helps increase the number of eggs a woman is able to produce during an IVF cycle. Both my friends have rushed off to buy it. It takes 3 or 4 months to kick in apparently, but should do wonders for a girl's egg tally.

Here's the address of a story on that one - Wish I could do a link but not a hope!

Second report to catch my eye was all over the papers here today. I'd rushed in to the supermarket to buy ingredients for tonight's lesson (more on that later) and had caught an IVF headline. I was forced to bring my trolley to a screeching halt at the newspaper bins and leaf through the paper in question.

There is, apparently, a new miracle protein which it is hoped will extend the life of a girl's eggs. The bad news - and this is the fact that made my heart sink today. We lose 2 eggs AN HOUR!! After reading this horrific news it was as much as I coudl do not to go rushing off to my IVF Doc and beg him to get me treated within the next hour so I don't lose two more blasted eggs.

here's another address to cut and paste

Why are we so unmatched with our men. Apparently in the same hour my eggs are perishing, my husband's sperm (with their lazy tails) are multiplying at a rate of 150,000!! What's that all about???!!!!

Anyway, must get on with some work now. Taught two Aussie girls how to make Cumin Flatbread, Fattoush ( a Middle Eastern salad) and Prosciutto wrapped lemon Chicken, Focaccia and Sage brochettes tonight. They loved it and all recipes worked beautifully. I love it when a lesson works! No pics of that food, but here's a pic of the Naan bread I made with them a couple of weeks ago. Pics of the risen dough, rolled out bread and baked bread:

Tomorrow i'm shopping and cooking for a canape party for 21 which is happening on Thursday. Things are getting quite busy for me. Good to take my mind off IVF - some of the time - but hopefully not so busy I get stressed and my treatment suffers.

I might be forced to order some DHEA - does anyone else know anything about it?


ps: Just read about Krista on My Reality's site. What's it all about that those of us fortunate enough to get through this nightmare of infertilty aren't just allowed just to enjoy their babies? My thoughts and prayers are with her - I can't imagine how she and her family must feel.


Reproductive Jeans said...

2 eggs an hour...Oh. My. God.

Baby Blues said...

2 eggs an hour! Scary. But considering we start off born with millions, it may not be that bad.

I would love to take lessons from you! I love bread and enjoy baking. Yum. :-)

Knock Me Up said...

I've been taking DHEA for the past 6 months. In time for my 2nd IVF and I had a huge turnout compared to the first time. The first IVF, I was on Lu.pron for 21 days so I was very suppressed so that could have something to do with it, but the RE only got 3 eggs out of 6 follicles -- I had three empty follies. One of the eggs was immature, one fertilized incorrectly, and one fertilized okay--we had ICSI on this cycle too. We transferred the one egg on day 4 but it was only 5 cells and considered fair quality. Not great. During my 2nd IVF, I had 8 eggs out of 8 follicles. 2 were immature, 6 fertilized AND no ICSI this time. That's an 80% fert rate. On day 3 we had 4 embryos. 2 @ 8 cells, 1 @ 7 going to 8 cells, and 1 @ 7 cells all rated very good. Unfortunately we ended up with a BFN, but the egg turnout was huge by comparison. I'm a believer!
Sorry to run on so long, just wanted to share that I think there is something to the DHEA business.
Sounds great that you are so busy. Take care.

My Reality said...

I have read about DHEA, it looks like I will be going across the border to get some.

Jo said...

Be careful with DHEA.. PCOS'ers tend to have too much of that hormone in their body as it is and it can actually harm not help.
: )

linda said...

Hey, there's a study at Harvard by the Tilly team that shows that we have ovarian stem cells which keep churning out eggs. It actually dispels the myth that we're born with all of the eggs that we'll ever have.

Here, read and smile:
Ovarian Stell Cell Discovery

So don't despair about the dying eggs! :-)

As for DHEA, I've wondered if using it at ANY time can help? I'm just starting a cycle and wonder if it might help with egg quality while I'm lingering on BCPs, or maybe it might help knock a few more follicles into helping out. I wonder. Here's the official study on the DHEA stuff:

DHEA Study

I'm cycling with you sistah! Fingers crossed for BFPs!

Erin said...

I'm only(?) 34, but have diminished ovarian reserve and I recently started taking DHEA based on various readings around the interwebs. I'm only taking 20mg/day which isn't much, but I was a bit scared off by the possible side effect of acne. So far I haven't had any of that. I did notice a headache when taking it midday, so I now take it right before bed and that seems to have solved it. I only made 4 eggs for my 1st IVF, and will be going for a 2nd round in August. That will be after 3 months on DHEA and I hope to be able to report that it was helpful. Thanks for the encouragement, Knock Me Up!! And thanks for these articles, Portia!