Thursday, June 28, 2007

Had to share this with you all...

No news on the cycle just yet. 2 injections down. Will know how my ovaries are doing on Sunday after my first scan. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I was talking to one of my Mind Body mates just now. She's one of our two success stories (so far) and is passing her unused Menopur to me (bless her) and we were arranging to meet up to do the drug drop. We're not doing it until next week now but I finally found out the full story of her pregnancy today.

This is a real "hope for us all" tale and the sort we all should read.

She did 8 IUI's (all neg) and then one full IVF cycle also BFN. She was starting to feel she had an implantation issue and wanted a laparoscopy. Her doc said to try a FET first. Of the embryos they got out of the freezer, one good second class level embryo defrosted fine. The other - a second and not first class embryo - didn't defrost properly, I think 2 cells only of 4 came through. They put them both in anyway. During her 2WW she started bleeding and cramping. She did a test because she was told too and it was positive! She went on holiday - already booked - and was paranoid whilst there as she was still bleeding and cramping. That went on 3 weeks. Back from hols her 2 betas were good news and she remains 12 weeks pg. I love a story like that.

I'm trying to stay positive - that's helped loads - but a monster row with MR G last night (whilst injecting!) hasn't helped. Gotta hope those follicles are nosey enough to come out to see what all the fuss is about...! My eyes are SO red and sore! Maybe you need a blow out every so often just to clear the air. Not sure the timing was too great though.

I've some beautiful peonies that look and smell gorgeous and make me happy each time I see them. Here's a pic of one of them .
I've also just changed my desktop wallpaper to a pic of the waterlily pond in the Botanical Gdns in Mauritius - where we spent our honeymoon. It makes me calm just looking at it. Something about the stillness of it. Hope you like it too

Must go and listen to my hypntherapy CD now before I go off to teach lawyers how to cook!



Becks said...

Ohh I love an 'against the odds' gives me hope that my pathetic body might just behave one day!!

Love the peonies...they are one of my favourite flowers.

Hope you and Mr G kiss and make up soon.

Foreverhopeful said...

Sorry I'm a little late with the comments but how exciting that you are finally on your way again. Good luck with this cycle and hope your ovaries are doing its job and you get lots of follies on Sunday. Thanks for sharing your story about your friend as well. Its always nice to hear success stories.. it gives us all hope.

CAM said...

Love that kind of story. It gives us hope that this will work somehow for us too! Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

That is a lovely story about your friend. I love hearing 'good hope' stories like that!

Hopeful Mother said...

Yes, those are the kind of stories that give you hope - just what you need right now!

Best of luck this cycle!!!