Friday, April 18, 2008


Sometimes I love my job...

This week, i've dined (and reviewed) at one of my favourite pizza pasta restaurants - which has just opened in my area - lunched at a Michelin starred restaurant and written a feature about teashops.

For three days this week I visited a series of gorgeous tea shops and sampled so many lovely cakes i was actually craving fruit!

I ate here and here

It was all done in the line of duty...of course!!

I managed - in all but one lovely place - to eat half (or even less) and take half home with me. I actually threw away half a - very lovely - chocolate muffin and half a peanut butter sandwich cookie last night. As I then ate a whole packet of chocolate buttons (yum) i'm not sure that actually says too much about my will power.

I - and by body - am lucky it's Passover this weekend and that my carb (if not my sugar) consumption will drop for at least a week.

I'll be dreaming of those cakes by this time next week.

Happy Pesach to all my Jewish readers - if any.

Sadly, both my friends doing cycles here had BFN's. My friend trying her last frostie - which had been PGD'd and was a perfect blast - was cruelly tricked by two lines on a stick followed by a lowish beta that failed to rise. My friend on her first cycle with one embie was beaten up by AF pitching up before she even got to test. I wish I could make it all better for both of them.

Friend one has decided to give up. In her early 40's she feels enough is enough. She's done enough cycles now - even got pg but lost twins at 9 weeks - and cant' go through it any more. Friend two is only at the start of her journey although she's just 40 and only managed to produce one egg this cycle. I hope she gets there. I hate seeing her and her husband going through this. F'ing IVF - it stinks.


B said...

You lucky lucky girl...can we swap jobs for a week? Hey perhaps I can cover your maternity leave, you could still do the necessary cooking and I could pass the dishes off as mine!!

Sorry about your friends - it sucks royally.

Have a great weekend. Hugs x

CAM said...

Well, now I definitely want some cake! Cupcakes are my favorite!

My Reality said...

Can I have your job, PLEASE?

Bea said...

Wouldn't it be great to just reach out and make it all happen the way people wanted it to?


Foreverhopeful said...

OH my gosh, I want your job!!!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your friends. IF really is so unfair and I hate everything about it. Glad they such a caring friend to help them through this.