Friday, April 25, 2008

Forgot to mention...

I'm OFF the PIO shots!

I know i've used this image before, but I love it and it shows how i'm feeling!

Thank goodness - it was really starting to get me down.

I feel guilty and a little ashamed to admit that as i know plenty of people would kill to be in the position of having to have those shots and really, i do realise daily how lucky i am to be doing them; but I'm still really bruised from the last couple, and the whole upper outer quadrant of both cheeks is almost totally progesterone filled lumps. They feel so tender. Whilst Mr G is mildly sad not to have his nightly eyeful of my bare buttocks, he's not going to miss my nightly whining as he administers the dose - so to speak.

The stupid clinic told me on Wednesday to just stop the shots. I then got a call from a nurse yesterday (thursday) after i'd gone cold turkey, telling me to switch to the gorgeous (Cyclo.gest) bottom bullets so as not to suddenly drop my proge.sterone! HOW useless are they?!

Still, hopefully no harm done and i'm now on a halved dose of steroids for the next 3 weeks or so and a reducing dose of the bullets for the same period. So, v soon i'll be almost totally drug free, apart from the once a day Clexane and aspirin and continued high dose Folic Acid for my positive MTHFR gene thang.

As I self-medicated the Folic originally - on the basis of advice from Almamay (who is now password protected or invite only) - i'm not entirely sure i have the right dose. Must do some research into that. As the clinic think i need to continue that indefinitely, i should perhaps double check my daily 5mg is correct.

I think probably all the drugs i'm taking may or may not be necessary, but i'm not willing to take any chances. This has been too long coming.

Right - i'm off to a Food Show and then a celebratory (?) waxing session. As i'm still pretty nauseous - it came back this week with a vengeance - i'm not sure how long i'll last at the show. It's a gorgeous sunny day here in London town and it's Mr G's birthday.

We'll probably have a fish and chip supper tonight after we've been to synagogue, and then tomorrow we're meeting his folks for lunch at one of our favourite restaurants which is near Portobello Road. After that i've booked a night at a hotel in a part of London we don't usually visit - Knightsbridge way. As he has worked almost all of the last two weekends, it'll be lovely just to hang out together for a couple of days.


Bea said...

It's like this: taking PIO shots for weeks on end = bad. Not taking PIO shots for weeks on end because your IVF failed = worse. You'll notice how option A is still bad.

So glad you're off them! Enjoy your pain-free arse.


Thalia said...

Glad to hear things are going well.

5mg is the right dose of folate if you have one of the blood clotting issues which I don't think you do? ANyway, it can't do any harm as it's water soluble so you'll just pee it out if your body doesn't need it.

Am intrigued by what your favourite restaurant is - E&O? Mediterrraneo? Happy birthday to Mr G.

soapchick said...

Happy B day to Mr. G and so happy to hear no more progesterone shots!!! Yippeeeee!!!

Portia P said...

Thalia - a positive MTHFR gene (which I have) can be linked to increased clotting risk IF you also have raised homocysteine levels. I'm not sure about my homocysteine but it's worth being certain I suppose.

The favourite restaurant is Notting Hill Brasserie on Kensington Park Road. Lovely setting, great service and good food!


tryingin2007 said...

hurray for no more PIO! it takes a bit of time for the ass to heal though.those welts are bad news.

I used to live right off of portobello road (ladbroke grove.) I miss londontown very much!

happy b day mr g!