Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool's Day

Today would have been my Grandpa's birthday. He was my last grandparent to die. I, my brother and sister and both my cousins ADORED him as did my nieces and nephews. He was a child magnet and an immensely popular man. I'm not sure anyone didn't like him.

I remember spending loads of time with him and Grandma as a child - playing games, gathering conkers (horse chestnuts), eating Cadbury's Dairy Milk and, when he was still working, visiting his "shmutter" factory in the East End of London. His factory used to make ladies' clothes and he himself was an excellent tailor. He used to make many outfits for my Grandma and had a tailor's dummy and sewing machine at home. We used to go up to their flat every Saturday for high tea - with loads of crumpets and cakes. Grandma was an excellent baker but as they got older, Grandpa did most of the work as she was more frail than him.

He had an amazing sense of humour and always had a joke for us. He outlived my father by about 5 months but (although we tried to hide it from him and he was very much "gone" mentally) i'm sure he knew Daddy had died. That makes me sad, but my great memories are of my laughing, joking Grandpa. I wish he'd met my darling Mr G as I know he'd have loved him. I hope he's looking down on us now with a smile on his face.

Today's scan went fine. The passenger is now 2.7cm - not a great change from last week which concerns me a little - but the Doc was pleased with progress. They took my blood to send to Chica.go for the N.K assay panel. The results will be back next week so I'll actually back there next week for a final scan. I'm quite pleased that i've another scan there. Nice to have that safety net.

After the scan I went to the lovely neighbouring patisserie and ate (healthy) 5 seed bread slathered with (not quite so healthy) choc praline spread. It was every bit as good as last week. I still can't stomach any hot drinks. The closest I can get is hot water with lemon in it. Other drinks just turn my stomach. Weird.

Happy Birthday Grandpa John.


Becks said...

So pleased things are still on track although I can understand why every little thing makes you worried. I am sure that doesn't change.

Happy birthday Grandpa John too x

soapchick said...

I'm glad your scan went well today. I love your nick name "the passenger" - it just cracks me up.

Thanks for telling us about your grandpa. Happy Birthday grandpa!

Carrie said...

So pleased to hear that the scan was all it should be. It must be getting quite real by now. Also it is nice that you get another visit to the clinic. I'm sure you'll feel a little more comfortable to have another peak in a short time.

How beautifully you describe your Grandpa. I adored my Grandad too.

Foreverhopeful said...

So sorry that I haven't been around (just been super busy). But I'm glad to hear everything is going well and that your little one is growing and doing fine. I can also understand why every little thing makes you worry.

Happy birthday to your grandpa (that's so sweet how much you still love and remember him).

Bea said...

Glad you had a good scan. If the doc's happy, I'm happy. Good luck with the NK test.


Bea said...

Oh, and happy birthday Gramps! It's a shame he wasn't here to see this.


My Reality said...

I am sorry your grandfather isn't here to see this, and your dad, too. It is hard when our loved ones are gone.

I am glad the scan went well.

andi said...

Hey my dear - all sounds like great news. Keep up the good work.
Lots of love from downunder.