Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Scan update and post 155!!

Last scan with the clinic today and the passenger is measuring 3.75cm. The Doc pointed out hands, feet, arms legs and the all important heart beat. It looks like a teddy bear. The screen looked really blurry and it was only later that I realised i'd forgotten to put my specs on!!! Durrr!

That's it there except i'm waiting for the NK results. Had a full blood count done today and they were meant to call to tell me if i need IVI.g or not. No call, so i'm hoping it's good (no need) news.

I hate to moan but my rear is SO sore. All that gestone is taking its toll. Not only is the injectable quadrant on both cheeks almost totally covered in painful lumps but now i'm getting an itchy rash too! Gorgeous! I'm going to go into the clinic on the next couple of days to get them to inject into my leg. I'm too scared (what a wuss) to do that myself or to ask Mr G to do it, so i'm trusting the nurses to do it for me. It's agony if I just catch myself on the corner of a table or sit down too heavily.

I'm far braver and cool about needles than i'd every have believed. At today's blood test, i chatted so much that the vampire used the wrong coloured tube test tube. She had to chuck away the first tube FULL of my blood and do the whole draw again!! I was so totally fine with it. I'm just an old hand.

I've booked my Nuchal scan. Fingers crossed the passenger crosses that hurdle too.

ps: thanks for the iron advice ladies. V useful and thoughtful.


B said...

So close to actually starting to relax a little, just one big hurdle then it's hopefully downhill from there....yaahhh!! So glad things are going well, good luck with the nuchal xx

andi said...

Yeahhh - I am also soooo glad you might be in the zone soon where you can relax and ENJOY having a bun in the oven.

soapchick said...

Happy to hear the passenger is growing!!! So happy!!!

Bea said...

Going well! Good luck with the NK results.