Sunday, April 20, 2008

Passenger's first pic

We had our first Midwife appointment and Nuchal scan on Friday. This was our first involvement with the NHS - state-funded medical services - since I went to my GP.

We had no idea what to expect. We didn't have to wait TOO long for the scan and, despite the sonographer being a total loon, it was pretty efficient. It was my first "knickers-on" scan, which was a joy. When we explained we were a IVF pregnancy, the sonographer demanded our letter from our clinic. We didn't have one, nor did we know what she was talking about. We were severely told off and told we must bring something next time.

There followed some confusion about dates and last periods before we got down to business. As you can see from this the passenger was present and correct.

We heard a heartbeat (v emotional) for the first time and then struggled to get TP - as i'll refer to the passenger from now on as it's a bit of a mouthful to type - to do anything other than lie flat on his/her back. No amount of prodding would get any action, so I had to lie on my side for a minute or two to dislodge him/her. I turned onto my back and there was a flurry of movement as TP did a 180 degree flip to face the other way and then moved back again, onto my back. Difficult so and so - bound to be a boy! After that we got a little fist in the air - probably telling us to go away - and, at one point, a turn of the head to face us which was really eerie as it looked so alien. Gave Mr G the creeps! We also saw two arms and two legs - hurrah!

TP was measuring 11 weeks and 6 days, 4 days ahead of our dates, which was good. Crown Rump Length was 5.75mm (i think) and the Nuchal Fold was 1.6. They weren't v forthcoming with any info jsut kept barking at us whether or not we wanted to do the blood test for Down's. We do.

After paying for 4 photos of TP, we met a midwife, who was super surly. We spent about an hour answering her questions before she took some blood for the Down's test. That will go with the measurements and other info to work out our risk. They estimate 3 weeks to get the result unless you come back as high risk in which case they fast track the result. Just a teensy bit stressful....I've had moments of worry, but the measurement seems fine.

We've our private scan (paid for) on Wednesday. They do everything there and then and give you your risk levels same day. It might be best to stick to private scans from now on if i'm to stay calm.

Last night we went to Mr G's folks for a Seder supper. Mine were there too. We gave each mum a scan pic. They were delighted. They're gagging to tell everyone our news but we don't want them saying anything until after we know Wednesday's news.

My sickness had abated a bit last week but has returned in the last few days along with a HUGE (feed me RIGHT NOW) appetite. I can't WAIT to stop the PIO shots - my bottom HURTS!!


My Reality said...

I am so glad TP is doing well!!

Betty M said...

Nice picture! No idea why she needed a letter about the ivf - I didn't in any of my pregnancies in my NHS hospital. Once they date you at the nuchal they use that date anyway and dont take any notice of the LMP or rather IVF equivalent. Hope Wednesday goes well too.

JJ said...

The passenger looks GREAT! So glad that its going well, Portia. Keep us posted on the next scan!

Ms. P said...

Glad TP is looking good and feisty despite the NHS people being a drag! NT measurement sounds good too. I'm sure Wednesday will bring reassuring news. So excited that things continue to go well!

Leah said...

Yay! What a beautiful baby. Sorry you were meet with loons and surly people on what should have been a great day.

Can't wait to follow TP as he/she grows up!


sarah23 said...

That ultrasound picture is amazing!! I can't believe that he/she is so big and "human-like" already! It seems like just yesterday when you were right in the middle of IVF.


Notebook said...

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tryingin2007 said...

oh how beautiful!!!!

I had to chuckle about the alien comment. sometimes those u/s shots are a little "creepy."

congrats on the great progress!

Foreverhopeful said...

So great to hear your little one is doing well.. :) :)

Foreverhopeful said...

So great to hear your little one is doing well.. :) :)

Bea said...

Yay! I think TP looks just like a little baby, not an alien. Good luck with the wait for results, but the info so far sounds good.


B said...

Ahh the joys of the N.HS, don't we just love them!!

The pic is amazing, I bet you can't stop looking at it.

Hope the results come back as we want them to be, I have everything crossed for you honey.