Monday, October 20, 2008

Belly shot

I've (finally) posted a new belly shot way back in my July posts under the 20 something shot.

[Belly shot is in my 9 July post headed Belly and body Shot - sorry Soapchick that you couldn't find it!]

As you'll see, I've grown a bit - well TP has....

I need to shout out to a few of my buddies out there - Almamay who's in a 2WW, Becks who's signed up with the clinic that did the do for me, Andi - who's into another donor cycle with her sis and Meredith - who anxiously waiting to see if her low beta is going to turn her into a mom.

I'm thinking of you all, girls and so, so want it to be your time. xxxx


soapchick said...

I don't see the belly shot. I looked in June too.

Fingers crossed for all of your friends!

Hopeful Mother said...

Looking fab!!! Getting close!!!!

Leah said...

The belly shot is gorgeous! I can't believe TP is going to be here so soon!!!!!!!!!

Bea said...

You are certainly getting ripe there!