Wednesday, October 08, 2008

We have a date...

I visited my consultant again yesterday. TP remains resolutely breech. Head and bot right up near my ribs. Legs dangling and treading all over my bladder. It's a squeeze - you'd think the little one would want a bit more room but perhaps it's nice and snug up there.

Anyway, on that basis, our lovely consultant - Mr S - gave us 2 choices:

1. Go for an ECV - external cephalic version - which means they'd basically shove TP the right way by brute force. From friends I hear this is uncomfortable and scary. From research the success rate with a first pregnancy is not great and it can end in an emergency C section.

2. Book in for an elective C section but check progress anyway at 38 weeks.

No prizes for guessing which option i've gone for....

...yup the winner is Option 2. I'm not risking TP's well being at all, so we've been booked for a C section on 30th October. The week before we'll see Mr S and he'll check to see how TP's lying.

In the meantime I can try crawling, kneeling doggy style whenever possible with my posterior in the air (v dignified), walking a lot, sitting on my Swiss ball - which came today - or swimming. Oh, acupuncture is also apparently a potential solution.

I'm in two minds. An elective C section gives me a date and peace of mind that my little one will come out safely. On the other hand, I'll have had major abdominal surgery and will need recovery time. I figure it might take a while to recover from pushing a child in the usual way, especially if I end up with stitches, piles etc etc. anyway.

I've heard of two people turning up for a planned C section and the baby being head down in the right place. They were both sent home to wait for labour! How much of a wind up would that be?!!

Anyway - that's just about it from me. I'm feeling quite large - but not unmanageable - my Carpal Tunnels is pretty bad and I have permanent pins needles in one hand. My hands, wrists, ankles and feet are swollen - my rings came off weeks ago. I get the odd sharp twinge in my ligaments as TP is getting quite heavy, but I'm so not complaining about any of it as it's all a blessing.

I can't believe that in not too long now i might even have a little baby. I burst into tears are periodic intervals at the very thought - hormones are HIGH! A friend with 3 mth old IVF twins from her 7th try said she often still cries at the site of them.


Rebecca said...

I sometimes cry at the sight of my babies'll love it no matter how they come into the world. I agree with having a keeps your sanity!

Knock Me Up said...

I would be surprised if you didn't cry. This has been such a hard-fought war (yes, war) that you are so close to seeing to a lovely end. I get teary just thinking about it for you.
Hang in there. I'll keep my fingers crosse for a bit of movement to the correct position.

Bea said...

Damn about the breech. And yes, one can keep hoping. But whatever happens, if it goes safely and smoothly, it's all good.


Apple said...

Just a note, c-sections do NOT garantee a healthy baby (had an elective c/s with my 2nd babe, he has suffered brain damage due to him not yet being ready to go at 38wks when they took him). And contrary to popular belief ECV's are not "that" uncomfortable. It's worth a try to avoid major surgery with all it's inherant risks to you AND your baby. I had an ECV with my 3rd baby who was 12lbs at all depends on the patience and skill of your practitioner.

For more info on c-sections you should check out

JJ said...

So close! So excited for you you!

Betty M said...

I would try acupuncture if you can find someone who specialise in ante-natal stuff. No idea if it works but it will be very relaxing. Plenty of babies do turn so here's hoping.

andi said...

Helloooo my dear - wow - you are getting close now! How very exciting. Having a date sounds like the best plan to me - and yeah as knock me up says - perhaps little TP will get in the 'landing position'.

Make sure your lovely spouse - posts to tell us how you are... etc.

Good luck my dear - I will be sending out positive thoughts from down under.