Thursday, October 30, 2008

Show but no show

I'm sure you're all starting to get as impatient with this baby as I am!!

Was up from 2am until 6am with another wodge of gorgeous plug and major lower back cramping. It was really quite close together but i decided not to wake Mr G who I thought should at least get his sleep. Mr G keeps on saying how much the term amuses him - makes him think of Rogers and Hammerstein. Glad someone finds this funny!

As i'm still here typing you might have guessed that is hasn't really progressed. It settled down a bit and the cramps are now coming about 10 mins apart and more and are much more bearable. I still think it's really, really early days or even false labour at this stage but i'll be hanging out here today nonetheless. I've a lemon polenta cake recipe i'd like to test and i'm sure a day of tv could be quite inviting.

The hospital called at 8.50am to ask why I hadn't shown up for my C section. I told them the baby had turned and I thought it had been cancelled. They are SO inefficient!! I hope that didn't mean someone couldn't get a slot.... I asked the midwife who called what to do re my pains and she said just take it easy. It could all die down today. I can take paracetemol for the pain but as it's not that bad, I shan't do that just yet.

Thank you all for playing along with me today.


Knock Me Up said...

Thanks for continuing to update. It helps calms my nerves and I know that is what concerns you most right now :) You try to get any rest you can too, k?


Betty M said...

No update today? Hope things are moving!!

Bea said...

This is exciting! I am wondering, as I type this, if you're still waiting, in the process, or if TP's already here. I guess we'll find out when next you update.


andi said...

Hi my dear - I am hoping your silence for a few days means baby is coming/out?? ooooo do let us all know.

Love Andi

soapchick said...

Okay so now it's Sunday. Any news?

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I'm delurking to say where are you? Hoping and praying that everything is okay. Kaje xx