Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Show and tell

No news at this end.

More "show" - which for info is (and you may want to look away at this point) bloody mucus from the mucus plug of the cervix which is starting to come away. Mine is brownish tinged and not overly mucus-y.

I'm finding walking a bit of an effort - a trip to the post box was fairly uncomfortable as TP is sitting low and heavy on my cervix and I now have a bit of lower back cramping. It's also FREEZING out. We've had snow in October for the first time in 70 years! Seventy years! All v strange. It was a beautiful crisp sunny day after the snow though.

I've been trying to finish off articles today and clear my desk. I fitted in an episode of Desperate Housewives - which i'm now up to date on. I'm so not loving the 5 year leap ahead. It's like watching a different programme. I'm sure you girls in the US are miles ahead of us here.

I need to do a final hospital bag sort out and then am ready(ish)

This could go on for days - i feel like the girl who's crying wolf. Watch this space xx


andi said...

Watching, watching!!

GOOD LUCK sweetheart - I can't wait to hear your bundle of joy is here.

Enjoy the anticipation.

Bee Cee said...

I'm feeling nervous...goodness knows what you feel like! xoxo

Hopeful Mother said...

So excited for you!!!!! Can't wait to read the big news - now if TP would come already!!!

Anonymous said...

Waiting with you!

Knock Me Up said...

I'm soooo excited for you. I wish you the best of luck and will be thinking of you and checking constantly. xoxo

Sweet Georgia said...

Thanks (I think ;) ) for explaining "show". Hope to hear soon that you have your little one in your arms.