Saturday, October 04, 2008

Two hundred!!

This is my 200th post!! On October 21st i'll have been blogging for 2 whole years.

I'd like to say its flown by, but i'm not sure it has. I re-read post number one and I was already stuck into my first IVF. Horrible memories. Such bad times.

I won't complain because i've been so lucky so far but it has been a difficult journey. I had a flick through the posts and saw i'd had comments from a pretty early stage and want to thank those of you who've been there for me. Comments have slowed right down to those who can face reading a pg after IVF blog. Not many of those are still in the trenches but then I found I had to drop out of reading the blogs of those girls who'd been successful whilst I still struggled.

I wanted to pick out a few ladies who've been fantastic:

Soapchick of The Quest for Baby Agosti - for being brave enough to continue to be there and for being such a life and soul of the party. Top chick.

Hopeful Mother - who has gone private with her blog. She was successful when I failed on my 2nd or 3rd cycle (can't remember) and who I admit to having abandoned whilst she grew and gave birth to her twins. I know times aren't easy for her at the moment and i'm thinking of her. I know she's still out there supporting me.

Heather of Desperately Seeking Baby - my first IVF blog buddy and another who got there whilst I was still trying. She has twins from her first cycle and (i've just read) is pg with another baby without any treatment. Go Heather!!

Betty M of High Land and Hard Rain

Bea - whose post baby blog is as cool as her pre conception one. She's another solid support.

Meredith of Someone Please Knock Me Up who i've also shared some heavy times with and to whom I wish all the luck in the world

I've also met some fantastic ladies in person - the lovely Becks, Andi and Almamay. Thank you all of you for your support. I'm not sure if you can face me at the moment but i'm rooting for all of you and hoping you'll get there.

Enough gushing and apologies if i've left anyone out. I'm still v conscious that i'm not quite there and TP remains a (transverse) squirming lump in my belly. I'm not going to count any chickens - or babies - until i've looked this one in the eye.

I'll celebrate 21st Oct and my two year blogoversary with a big fat cake.



soapchick said...

Happy 200th post and also happy early 2nd blogoversary!!! I'm happy to have "known" you in blogland. Next time I get to London, I will be sure to look you up. I do travel there every couple of years, so you never know - we just might meet in person someday! Congrats.

Knock Me Up said...

Dear Portia:
Congratulations on 200 posts -- it's pretty unbelievable that so much time has passed from way back when we started this craziness. Thank you so much for the shout out on your blog and also for still checking in and commenting over my way. Please know that I am still checking in on you peridically to follow your journey and will always continue to do so -- we're cycle sisters from way back -- but I'm just a terrible commenter. I'm thinking of you and hope that little baby heads south soon and you can get some pressure off you bladder - that can't feel good.

Leah said...

Happy 200th post and an early happy blogaversary from your friend across the pond with the similarly old ovaries. :-)

seattlegal said...

Thank you! I can't wait to hear of the arrival of your little one!

Betty M said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary! Very sweet of you to mention me. I think I came to you via either Thalia or Almamay (both MB buddies from my pre-blog days). Anyway giving a shout out to TP to turn baby turn and wishing you happy cake eating!

Portia P said...

Just realised I didn't say just why I gave Betty M a shout out.

She's another lady i feel empathy with and who provides good, supportive comments. A solid support.

Thanks Betty M

Also needed to give Leah and her dusty ovaries a mention - us older birds need to stick together.

JJ said...

Happy 200!! So glad to have come across your blog early in my blogging days, and will always be a loyal reader=) xoxox

Bee Cee said...

Happy 200th post!!

I am glad you are ok. I was getting a bit worried after I left you a message last week and didn't hear anything.

Not long to go now, how exciting!


Hopeful Mother said...

Thanks for the "shout out."

No worries on the blog abandonment while I was pg/just gave birth to the boys. I totally, completely understand.

Can't wait to keep supporting you through parenthood!!!

Bea said...

Happy blogaversary! And 200th post!

I am honoured to be named, although I'm a little behind at the moment... but I do hope TP turns... or if not, then never mind as long as everything is ok in the end. Which, nervewracking as it is at this stage, it almost certainly will be.


Almamay said...

Hi Portia,

I am still here reading and of course sending you lots of love. LOTS. Thank you for mentioning me and thinking of us girls still in the trenches. You are always so thoughtful.

Congratulations on 200 posts. x