Sunday, July 01, 2007


...i've got something to show for the last 6 days of jabs. I was trying to be positive, but the last two FSH tests had made me nervous that i'd be all outta eggs. Problem with this stuff is you have absolutely NO idea of what's going on in there.

I've been STARVING all week - hoped that meant I was growing something - apart from another spare tyre. I understand why the weight goes on now. Tried to keep it healthy this time and not pig out on my new favourite treat - Pret a manger chocolate biscuit bars.

Anyway, enough suspense. I've managed 5 follicles, which is more than I managed at the same stage last time. Not a lot for most people, but as good as can hope for so i'm delighted. Just hope to gather a couple more and that they all keep growing....

Mr G said afterwards that he was worried we'd have a "neel pwaan" (nil points - Eurovision Song contest reference for my US girlies who may not get it). We were both so relieved that we had a lovely, top of the IVF rollercoaster day. We saw my fave nurse at the clinic - Kiwi Sweetheart - one of the v few switched on ones. She told me to start the Cetrotide tonight - a second injection that will slow things down, as one of the follies is almost at the line already.

We ate breakfast and read the Sunday papers at a place called Canteen on the South Bank and then went home via Selfridges (my favourite department store) and the huge Marks and Spencer next door. After the last few days of failed bombs and the attack on Glasgow Airport, there are a loads of police vehicles, cordons and fire engines racing around. It's a bit worrying, but so far, the terrorists have been reassuringly rubbish. I just hope none of them succeed.

Now, i'm at home watching the Princess Diana concert. It's HUGE and a lot more of an event that i'd imagined it'd be. Well done the Princes for getting it up and running. Amazing how much impact she had on so many people.

I start Cetrotide tonight and they think i'll be heading for egg collection towards the end of this week. HOW much better is this short protocol. It's so much quicker and seems (this far) to work as well. Not going to get my hopes up - a week's a long time in IVF world but today there's more hope than yesterday that I might get to transfer again. Fingers crossed



Reproductive Jeans said...

Fingers crossed=)=)

My Reality said...

Congrats on the 5!!

Knock Me Up said...

I love the short protocol! I was told on my first IVF that I had to do a 6-week long process (that's for the oldies in the group...and I mean me!) and that ended up being a complete bust. Loved the two week process and had much better quality and amount. Best of luck for the same for you. Sounds great at this stage of the game so I'll keep the hope going for good stuff for you.