Monday, January 07, 2008

Just a quick one...

...because it's past my bedtime and i'm TIRED!

I've been busily creating recipes for the last week. It's amazing what a project the whole job interview has become. By last night I had a nice plastic wallet folder filled with my recipes and ideas. I got up early this morning to go to buy the last ingredients for the food I was to cook for the interview. The interview was due to be at 12.30pm.

At 10am my home phone rang. I left it - as you do when you're busily fretting over last minute stuff and still not showered or dressed for an interview. When my mobile (cell) rang I had to pick up. It was the editor of the mag i'm going to see telling me the interview is to be postponed because one of the interviewers is "working at home today". WORKING AT HOME!!!! I've worked my NUTS off on this project and they can't even be bothered to come in to meet me!!!! The interview is postponed until thursday.

I was so looking forward to having it all over with too! Never mind. I can filly fally around with it now for 2 more days!...

Not much else to report. Not at nearly midnight anyway. Had phone consult with a US I.F Dr. He was recommended by a friend of a friend who succeeded on IVF TEN - her second with him.... He has a chain of clinics but she saw him in NY.
It was v interesting but he did seem a little financially driven. I've googled him and a piece in the NY Times said much the same. He did have some interesting ideas but made me wonder if the Dr's in the UK are getting me all wrong. His view was that the protocol being used on me is all wrong....Hmmmm.....Is he just making one big sales pitch or should I be on the next plane to the big country??? Mr G and I felt all a bit shell shocked by the talk but slept on it and are sticking with our London clinic for now. We just need to be getting on with another cycle really. We'll ask the London clinic about some of what US Dr had to say.

That's all for tonight. I'm off to read my book - the second book by the man who wrote The Kite Ru.nner. The film inspired me to read the book. It has a lot of same stuff as the KR - obviously the life experience of the writer. It's v moving and actually has some IF themes. Worth a read and I can't wait to get to bed and read a bit more!!

I was going to moan about a newly pregnanct fellow IVF'er - who has just found out she has twins inside but keeps on calling me to moan how crap she's feeling. I want to shout BE GRATEFUL LADY this is what you've been trying for for 5 years, but i'm too polite. It was her 7th IVF (6th fresh cycle) so she deserves it. I just wish she wouldn't moan so much about it. I'd love to be as sick as she is.....really!

Night night. My book calls xx


My Reality said...

Would your doctor there be willing to try the US doc's protocol? It may be worth a shot to ask.

Good luck with the interview on Thursday!

Baby Steps to Baby Shoes said...

Just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns and loved it- hope you do too.

Leah said...

Not sure where your US doc is located. But if it's anywhere near me, you guys have a place to stay as long as you need!!

Bea said...

So many things happening!

Good luck with your rescheduled interview.

Lots to think about on the IVF front - it's hard knowing what the "right" thing to do is.

Sigh about your friend. You'd think she'd know better who to complain to. Although maybe no-one wants to listen who hasn't done IVF either, as they can't understand why she isn't just happy! IVF patients can't win either way, but she should find someone other than you.


Becks said...

The plus point is that working from home seems to be something they do...sounds like it could solve a problem for you!

I've been up and down trying to make a decision on whether to swap hospitals....its such a headache.

Hope your friend comes to her senses soon, otherwise I am sure a slap will do the trick!

Good luck for Thursday hun.

Pamela Jeanne said...

Those infertility themes in Khaled Hosseini's books jumped out at me, too. I'm fairly certain based on his depictions that he and his wife have struggled with infertility. Overall, his writing conveys such beautiful and poignant insights into life's deepest emotions. He lives in the Bay area where I do so I hope to hear him talk one of these days.

As for your friend complaining about how rotten she feels, I hear you. Even though my once infertile (now new mom) friend knows how difficult IF has been for me, she seems to slip easily into forgetting that my pain remains while her joy unfolds before her.