Thursday, January 10, 2008


What a day!

I woke up this morning (day of the most talked about interview of all time) feeling totally rubbish. Symptoms? For the hypochondriac - the very same as the norovirus - or for those less dramatic - a nasty attack of food poisoning. After an hour in bed and another taking it easy, I decided i'd go to the interview anyway. Was a bit concerned about poisoning the interviewers by passing on my germs, but took the view that if they'd interviewed me on Monday they wouldn't have put themselves at risk. I just couldn't wait any longer.

Took a taxi to their office with all my shopping and arrived a bit early. Whilst waiting in reception, the interviewee before me walked out. She was someone from my year at Chef School!! I smiled but she blanked me. maybe didn't recognise me but i'm not so sure. She's an Oxbridge grad only about 24 yrs old and extremely self important. That really threw me. Obsessed a while about whether she'd be better than me at the job.

Then I got called up to the magazine's floor and into the kitchen to prep my food. It was so stressful - not knowing where anything was! I managed to make my three meals in about 1 hr 20mins. A lemon and parsley chicken salad, sun dried tomato panzanella and chermoula salmon with dill creme fraiche and fennel, cucumber and pomegranate salad. Then the interviewers came in to taste the food. It was mostly ok but as i was explaining what i'd done, i realised i'd forgotten to put salt in the chermoula and it tasted RANK! Darn, darn, darn!! It was also overcooked - i wasn't really on top of their oven. I was SO cross with myself. I cook that all the time and just missed it!

The interview that followed was ok. Nothing too taxing, just some silly questions which I didn't answer that well. They asked how my friends would describe me in 3 words. I HATE those questions! Since then i've thought of some great answers but put on the spot I gave pathetic "non" answers i'm too embarassed even to relate to you!

I'm totally mixed as to whether or not I want the job. I really will be ok with it either way. If i DO get it i'll stress about fitting IVF in but i'm sure i'll manage. If I DON'T then i'll have to sort out my professional life as there's too little going on just now. They're going to let us know tomorrow.

Instead of going straight home i went via an employment agency and signed up for freelance chef work. I'm going to fill in the gaps this year and really make a living. No loafing around waiting for life to happen. I'm really going to go for IVF but in between i'm also going to get my life moving again AND Mr G and i are going to do some weekends away. We need some vacation time in new places.

But having said all of that i am, for now, on the sofa feeling exhausted and quite a bit nauseous. I'm not moving anywhere tonight but I figure i've earned this evening off.

Did I mention i went to see the Spice Girls on tuesday night? It wasn't bad. First hour was good...and enough. Mrs Beckham is a joke! I'm glad I saw them though. Had a good boogie and singalong.

btw - thanks so much lovely Leah for your kind offer of a place to stay. Big hug to you - you are v lovely. The clinic's in NYC - where are you?

I'll let you all know about tomorrow's events. xx


soapchick said...

I'm glad you made it through your interview without getting sick! Yikes. Best wishes on the job and your decision about the NY IVF clinic.

Anonymous said...

Your dishes do sound fantastic - wonderful combinations of ingredients.

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Bea said...

Well best of luck with the position. Sounds like you didn't have the best day with being ill and all - but fingers crossed! Glad you're going to start moving ahead with things either way.